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Hi from Clive Branson and welcome to YOUR VIEWS page.
During my angling career, which has now spanned over 40 years (see My Story), I have witnessed many developments and much innovation.
Billed as the worlds first professional angler, I introduced an innovatory approach to teaching videos and imported new concepts from abroad;
high-tech fishing lines, wagglers and stick float onwinders, new groundbait secrets and methods, pole float designs, just to mention a few.

Throughout my career, innovation has been the key; I was an early pioneer in
developing on-line information for anglers (see this archive for my first introduction). This angling web site was one of the first in the UK,
established in 1997. The internet is now a crucial tool for anglers, benefiting  us all well into the future; Please email me your information to
be included

Join My Match Fishing Group On Facebook CLICK HERE

A fantastic result for England and Wales too, (See Results) I hope the days of Humpries as Welsh Captain are long gone and just to prove that the Welsh team are not as bad as people think The team came 9th a big improvement over all the previous years. Well done Andy Johnstone the new Welsh Manager hearing that this year’s event went smoothly and the team are well pleased. Perhaps not a laughing stock anymore
See Comment Click here

Hi Clive,

How have you been? I hope you’re well - as you may know the British Carp & Angling Show is taking place in Norfolk this weekend and I wondered if there was any chance you could help us promote on Angling News website please. For one last push of promotion on the week’s lead-up, perhaps with a story on the website, database email, social media posts, banner ads or artwork on your site please?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Maddie Rustman
Marketing Executive
Aztec Events
Tel: 01702 549623

A passion for angling comes in many forms so whether pleasure fishing, specimen hunting or competitive match angling is your preference then a new company producing these machines could be the answer See their website....
Want convenient bait at your bank? Want to see a Bait Bank machine installed at your favourite fishery? Are you a fishery owner looking for a hassle free way to improve the service you offer to your Anglers? Then contact them on thier website..

The British Carp and Angling Show

sets to inspire the next generation of anglers, with the help of some celebrity fishing friends…
With some of the UK's best known angling celebrities set to attend the British Carp and Angling Show, taking place at the Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich on January 19 and 20, 2013 – the weekend is set to blow the minds of all those attending.
Fishing is one of the biggest sports in the UK and engaged by an estimated 3.3 million people, so it is important to inspire the next generation of anglers in the hope that the sport and recreational pastime will live on forever. Famous fisherman John Wilson is local to Norfolk and at the British Carp and Angling Show, will host the Rigging Clinic, where youngsters are encouraged to join in with this interactive workshop and learn the skills from one of the UK’s best.
Other fantastic learning opportunities for youngsters at the British Carp and Angling Show include talks and interactive Q&A TVs most famous fisherman Matt Hayes and 4 x world angling champion Bob Nudd. There will also be an Underwater Angling presentation from Nash’s Paul Garner; Peter Springate will be signing his books over on the Freebird Publishing stand and the Bait Kitchen with Keith Williams over on the Main Line stand.
This enormous fishing event is set to attract over 10,000 visitors, as the Norfolk Showground's grand 50,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Hall houses over 120 stands; consisting of top bait and tackle manufacturers such as Nash, Korda, Sonik, Trakker and Mad Baits, magazine publications, fishing lakes and holidays, expert consultants and celebs. As well as product launches, book signings, casting competitions and the Pro theatre this fantastic event also has an on-site bar where you can socialize with other anglers and tell your own stories from the riverbank.  
Tickets are available in advanced at £8.00 for adults (£10.00 on the day) and £2.00 (£5.00 on the day) for accompanied children under 16. There is no charge for children under five years old.
The British Carp and Angling Show 19th and 20th January 2013
at the Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 0TT
Open: Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 10:00am-4:00pm
For more info: Telephone 01702 549623 website

Hi clive
We have 2 websites, our match fishing site is
and our carp site is
if you could link to these sites it would be brilliant, I will give
you a mention on our blog
Paul Dicks

Subject: Wye
Good morning Clive.
I grew up with the angling scene when you won the world championships back in the 80s.
So your bit of a legend in my eyes not many anglers can touch watch you achieved !
I wanted to say hi but felt a bit of a pilak as you were busy talking to clive and larry.
I have been match fishing for 18 years now live in the valleys in Blaina gwent.
I know spud , dennis oleary , larry from my club match scene !
I had to give up most match fishing ie sitting on a seat box as i had a serious spine injury 2 years ago.
I love river fishing and i dont have to sit down.
I entred the wye charity 2 weeks ago.
Im also in the 50th wye match and i have got a team in the wye champs in Nov.
I finished 2nd in my section with 6lb 14 oz.
I was on peg 32 pump house.
I read your match reports each week.
I see bolo tactics is sometimes a good option.
I had 15ft water under my feet and it was only in last hour i found the dace there.
What bolo rods are avialable ?, any you recommend ? and what kind of floats etc any help would be useful.
No doubt the river levels will be dropping off but always good to be prepared.
And whats better than picking the brains of a ex world champ !!
Going to Ross today taking my young lad hoping for a barbel !
Good luck for the Winter League matches by the way !
See you at the 50th !!
Any peg advice for the wye would be good  !!

Hi Damion
Thanks for your kind email. Yes good memories of the old days. I am still keen as ever even though I am 61 now, my eye sight not so good but still manage to catch some fish now and again. I drew 79 a peg I haven't drawn before, however ended up with 8lb 15oz with still two more dace in the net after the weigh in (Said my eye sight is poor) managed 4th in the section. Yes the pump house is a good draw this time of year and had some good weights there last year. 24lb - 19lb of dace using the boly float (Middy). The secret is in the ground bait mix 90% mole hill and six pints of hemp mixed in squeezed oblong and not round so that it wont roll away down the swim.
If your interested in match fishing we are always looking to improve our team Cardiff Nomads. We have a sponsor with Sensas all gear trade price and freebies We keep in touch by email and share knowledge of tactics to better the anglers
I use shimano boly rods 19ft and 21ft if the swim is deep or a 15ft rod when the river is normal
When the river drops and become clear then 1/3 to half way out is best
Hope this has helped
Hope you catch some Barbel

Due to popular demand from visiting Anglers I have put together a peg to peg profile of the River Wye at Belmont Hereford
Click Here

My name is Dave and I'm the webmaster at

FishSpot is a classifieds site for people in the UK to list their used fishing tackle for sale completely free. My site is still very new so, at the moment there are not a lot of listings however, I'm promoting the site on a daily basis so will not be long before it's a thriving community.

I was hoping to maybe get a link exchange with your website. I would like to get my link here if possible:

In exchange I can add your link here

You are more than welcome to add your own listings.
Let me know if your interested or have any questions.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Hi Clive, I see that you fish the Taff, I would love to know more about this water, I fished the Avon in Evesham for many years before moving to Wales, just started back after a 20 year gap, am info on where and how to fish the Taff would be great.

Hi Maurice The lower Taff is good for most coarse fish including double figure Barbel Glamorgan Anglers own most parts of the lower river pop into the local tackle shop for permits including Day tickets. The middle to upper reaches are mainly trout with pockets of coursef ish including grayling. I hoped this has helped let me know how you get on.
Regards Clive
James Cochrane
hi clive a few of us carp anglers would love to do a chartiy carp match for cancer research we have been kicking the idea around for a few days we did think of holding it on linear but found out we need book a year in advance we really want to do this would it be possible to ask you for some help and advice with it at the moment we are looking for another lake to do it on this year and book linear next year to in central england we are just going to put it on facebook and see how many carper we get your james
Click  above on James Facebook if your interested

Robert Williams
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:13 PM
Subject: Policing by Volunteers
As a volunteer co-ordinator for a Wildlife Trust I cannot see this working effectively.
Yes, a volunteer can approach and challenge a fisherman, but what then? A volunteer has no power to demand presentation of "right to fish" and certainly could be subject to threats that an 'officer' might not be.
I think this suggestion might weaken enforcement on our waters.  Regards  Bob Williams

The policing of Britain’s banks could soon be placed into the hands of volunteers,
The Environment Agency has admitted that it is investigating the possibility of replacing its current enforcement officers with trained volunteer bailiffs from fishing clubs and associations. It would not only save the EA up to £2 million a year, but also see a huge shift of responsibility to fisheries and angling clubs to ensure anglers have the valid paperwork before fishing.

The plans for the change have been instigated by the Angling Trust that believes placing bailiffing duties into the hands of fishing communities will free up valuable funds that can be directly reinvested into the sport and allow EA staff to concentrate on other important issues, such as tackling organised illegal fish theft, movement and poaching.
“I believe our discussions with the EA are a huge step in the right direction for fishing because such a scheme would free up much-needed funds at a time when Government cuts are going to continue to affect our sport,” said Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust.
“We must ensure that it isn’t used as an excuse for the money saved to be used elsewhere instead of for the interests of angling. This is something the Trust would ensure didn’t happen.” John Woods is chairman of London Anglers Association and also believes that such changes could prove positive for the sport.
“I’ve always thought that anglers, wherever they’re fishing, shouldn’t be able to buy a ticket or permit without producing their rod licence, so putting an emphasis on showing them to club officials and venue owners can only be a good thing,” Said John


Dear Clive
 many thanks for the photos and for the most enjoyable 2 days I spent with you, not only did I learn a lot but also i found you a most convivial companion and I am looking forward to spending time with you again, weather permitting, in fact I am affraid I'll forget some of the tricks you tought me if I dont put it into practice soon....till then kind regards Miki ( see my tuition)

Hi Clive
Just finished reading George Mellys book Hooked, which I can really recommend. In the book he mentions the problem of cormorants but gives more time to bemoaning the influence of the Goosander. He says they are as much of a problem as cormorants. To be frank I was unaware of this birds adverse affect on our fisheries. The bird book I consulted says they are a shy bird often fleeing at the sight of humans but like large lakes and reservoirs as well as upland rivers. Is this why I was so ignorant as to the problem. Does anyone have any experience with the Goosander? Could it be that the cormorant is getting all the blame when much of the problem lies with the Goosander?

I Believe that this little innocent looking monster that herd the fish into corners and devastate the fish fry with such an alarming rate that our fish stocks are in great danger? For example I read Shrewsbury’s River Severn is in “crisis” with fish stocks at an all-time low, a Shropshire angling chief warned and he blamed protected species for the problem. John Roberts, chairman and head bailiff for Shropshire Anglers’ Federation, said young fish and adult fish were being eaten at an alarming rate by birds, including cormorants and geese. And he claimed a rise in the otter population was also to blame. The river chief is now calling on the Government to authorise a bird cull in order to let fish stocks replenish. He said: “On the river near the West Mid Showground you have got about 80-odd goose gander and at Pimley Manor in Sundorne there is a bunch of about 40 or 50 of them. “They get together for one period and then split off.” Mr Roberts said the amount of birds feeding off the river was having a devastating impact and claimed if something was not done soon about the situation it could see anglers leaving some of the county’s watercourses completely. “We have just resurrected a competition in conjunction with Total Angling in Battlefield with five Saturday events. “We have still got three to go but seven or eight years ago it was nothing to see the winner take about 80kg (176lbs) of fish for first place. “In our latest competition the winner only had 7lbs 12 ounces (3.18kg) worth. “It’s a total crisis, the river is in crisis. There is so much money tied up in this river and the biggest concern is clubs could turn their back on the river and then we have lost the management of it.” Mr Roberts said he would be lobbying Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski over the issue.

Hello Clive
. I am looking for a place to buy screw-in quiver tips - 3 to 5 oz.  I have got the rod but cannot find a place to buy a replacement since I broke my old tip. 
Can you help please. Thank you  Paul Hudson

Hi Clive,
please can you forward this attached info onto Robson Green - Try as i may i can't find an email address for him on-line. 
i think this extreme fishing mailshot of a book I've written about 1930-1950's fishing that most people are unaware happened
may be of significant intrest to him, and possibly yourself. thank you in anticipation of your help Regards Mark Ross

Dear Clive,

                      My name is Richard Morgan and I am the secretary of Cwmcarn Angling Association.  What I wanted to know is how I can advertise the club on your
 website.  At present we have not got many members, and we would like some more anglers to come and join. Four of our members including myself are level 1 coaches.  
We have the lake at Cwmcarn Scenic Drive, there are roach,
chub, bream and crucian carp in the lake since we introduced them last Feburary.  There is a visitors centre and a caravan/ camping site,  there is also a downhill
mountain biking centre there.
Best wishes,<> Richard email Richard for more information

Hello Clive
Fishing in Inniscarra this year was the best I have seen for about 12 years, with the average daily weight per angler of just over 45 lb &
weights of up to  224 lb were needed to win a 3 day festival. Anthony Hogg 
Reader Request
Hi Clive,
I was wondering if you or your magazine could help me to locate any anglers who used to fish the Avon at Eckington in Worcestershire? I have tried to contact them via Google,
 but it appears that they do not exist  anymore
I know that historically they had fishing rights and did host Contests back in the 1980's when l first moved to the village.
At the moment a large
group of Eckingtonresidents are seeking to
re-establish rights of way which a new landowner is currently refusing. There is no problem with the pathway along by the river, but l have been told that at one time, the anglers
 also used to approach the river
via Mill Lane down to Strensham Lock, and also via Hammock Lane
What we need to do is to make contact with any angler from Solihull or any other angling club that used to
use the route via
Hammock Lane  to get to the river.
I am told that when the level crossing existed on Station Road, that was where the anglers met to draw lots for their pegs, when there was a
If you feel that you could see fit to put something in you magazine to help us contact anyone, then l can assure you that the group would be extremely helpful.
They can contact me by either my e-mail address
or 01386 751397
or 07900312775.
Yours sincerely, Doug Langdon

CARDIFF NOMADS Are looking for new members to increase their membership 

Looking to join a match fishing group in South Wales then click here

Hi Clive, Great site.
Have you had chance to review the new commonwood fishery that has opened in Wrexham?
Thanks. Jared.

For less than 3p a day, anglers can target over 300 miles of previously unfished, virgin canals following British Waterway’s decision to license 122 stretches
throughout England and Wales. The new Waterways Wanderers ticket will run for 12 months from the date of purchase and costs just £10 to Angling Trust
members, with the price for non-members set at £20. The exciting development follows a successful trial scheme in the North-West of England, and is sure to prove
hugely popular with anglers living close to some of thestretches. And the provision within the  scheme to  allow clubs to sign up and run free matches will help to
offset concerns that fishing on the nation’s canal network is in the doldrums. “I’m really pleased to be extending the Waterways Wanderers
scheme to the rest of the country – canals are great for beginners and experienced anglers alike,” said BW national fisheries manager John Ellis. The Angling
rust was also full of praise for the  initiative, which should help it to boost member numbers. “Britain’s canals offer a fantastic resource for anglers of all abilities,
both in the countryside and inner city areas. Our members will be able to enjoy all that fishing for just £10 a year,” said Trust boss Mark Lloyd. And, in the main,
 angling clubs agreed that the scheme was a positive step forward for the sport.
“It’s outstanding value. Many of the stretches are set in scenic areas and will offer great fishing for a mix of species,” said Warrington AA secretary Frank Lythgoe.
But one person who’s unconvinced is Milton Keynes AA’s chairman Trevor Johnson. He thinks the huge choice of quality commercial fisheries means canals are
still well down the pecking order with many anglers. “I can’t see there being a mad rush to
 take up this initiative. We control nine miles of some of the nation’s best canal fishing on the Grand Union, but its popularity has declined dramatically,”
said Trevor


Hugh Miles and Martin Bowler have finally sealed a deal to get their critically-acclaimed Catching the Impossible series shown on terrestrial TV. Channel 4 has
bought the licence to the eight-part show, which follows AT columnist Martin and well-known actor Bernard Cribbins as they travel the country in pursuit of
 impossibly big fish. Each of the hour-long programmes will go out at 7am on Sunday mornings starting from June 13 and, if enough viewers tune in, Channel
4 could re-run the series in a prime time slot at a later date. “To have the opportunity to raise the profile of angling is terrific and right from the outset that was
always the goal. The aim was to get on to terrestrial television and now we’ve got it, we need good audience figures.
If we do, it might encourage others to make fishing programmes for TV,” said Hugh. “It’s been a long journey and we’ve had to jump through a lot of hoops
along the way, but I never gave up. We got close with BBC4 and then ITV, before finally getting the okay from Channel 4. For a quiet and unfashionable sport
like angling to make the schedules, where the main stars are the fish and the countryside, is amazing
,” he added.
Columnist Martin Bowler was equally excited by the news, insisting that getting on mainstream TV would be the highlight of an already exceptional angling career.
“The biggest
‘impossible’ wasn’t catching the fish, it was getting the programme on terrestrial. “The main aim was always to showcase how special and amazing our fish and
fisheries are and to share them with the wider public. Yes, it’s great news for the sport of angling, but personally I hope it proves even better news for the fish and
oes some way to helping improve their protection.” Legendary TV
 personality Bernard Cribbins, who provided the commentary on Hugh’s earlier award-winning angling series A Passion For Angling, joined in the celebrations.
“It’s fantastic news. Fishing with Martin was a great experience and I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Hugh again. I caught my best-ever pike,
 landed my biggest carp and got loads of stick for my ancient Mitchell 300s.”

Dear Clive.
Below are a few details of our club and information of our development plan for Wrexham community angling club. our website is We are in the process of writing a five year development plan for the lake. This will be mostly based on the recommendations made to
WrexhamCouncil in the lake survey which
was carried out in 2008. This year we will have all 18 new pegs in place plus, 3 disabled pegs. We will also have a purpose built bridge in place which will open up access
the islands and the three new pegs which will be sited on it. In total, we should have 26 pegs which will be fit for purpose within the next 2 to 3 months We will increase the
amount of marginal vegetation through the use of  preplanted coir rolls and free planting of a selection of native marginals between those pegs which are not too shaded.
In between the shaded pegs we will engage in willow weaving which should result in new growth of willows in areas which are pretty barren and eroded at present. We will
also look to introduce bull rush in these areas as we assured they will establish themselves We will also look towards reintroducing water lilies in the lake though we will have
 to work out a strategy for keeping the waterfowl away from them until they are established. We will introduce a new floating island
which will create habitat for young fish and help to strip nutrients out of the lake, therefore helping to enhance the water quality. Towards the end of this year we aim to employ
a professional to add siltex to the lake which will help to break down silt which is not currently of a quality which will encourage either helpful bacteria and animal life or, be
 very beneficial in terms of establishing a range of native oxygenating plants. This is something which we plan to to carry out next year. In addition to the above, we will have
to keep on top of the litter picks and general work parties. As you can see, we aim to busy this year and conceivably, for the durationof the existing lease but, I think you will
 all agree that the lake is looking far better than it has for a long time and it is our intention to make Acton Park Lake a top notch club water and somewhere where it will
be a pleasure to spend time fishing look forward to catching up with you on the bank maybe in the future.
regards Eifion Parry.

Not Qualified Enough?
Just recently I applied for a fishing Sales advisor with a company called fishtec. Having been made unemployed recently from my Sales job, I saw an advertisement
 within the local Newspaper. “Fishing Sales Advisor Required” Having been granted an Interview I thought this job could be a breeze for me and something at last
I would enjoy. However after three weeks of waiting they responded with;

Thank you for your recent interest in the Fishing Advisor Role that we have recently advertised. Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful in your application on this occasion.
I would, however, like to keep your highly skilled C.V. on file, for when further positions become available within BVG Airflo Group.Thank you once again for the interest you
have shown, it was nice to meet you and I
sincerely wish you the very of best of luck in your future career search

Oh’ well
 perhaps they thought I was not qualified enough. Clive Branson
(See Snide rumours and remarks)

I have a 4* self catering property in Pontargothi which can sleep up   to 14. I was wondering if there was a facility to advertise the cottage on   your website and for me to
 link to yours? I am told that good
accommodation for the fishing community is difficult to find in Carmarthenshire and am keen to promote our place as it is so near to  both Cothi and Towy.

I look forward to hearing from you With best wishes Jonathan Baldwin for exceptional self catering holidays

Twyford Farm was a fishing Mecca, it holds so many fond memories for so many people from a time that was the pinacle of competition fishing in this country. Before the
comercials this was the place to go.
Recently I was looking at the old match results, remembering the people, some unfortunately not with us others just not going any more. Some of the matches I could remember.
 Unfortunately a lot of the memories included the phrase if only I knew what I do now. I know talking to anglers from all over the country not just the midlands, it is the same.
Their local carp Pond and the desire to be a legend in their own backyard has wayned and they talk of running a float through the peg, catching a few fish and learning things that
would hopefully stand them in good stead for years to come " next time I draw there", not so and so has it sussed he
 won on Monday and both matches Tuesday I think he,ll win all four at the weekend unless we ban the bolt rigged blue smarties.   A fair venue is a myth and trying to create
one destroys match fishing. People used to travel to matches knowing two things. One, if the weather was half decent they would catch. Two if they drew well they could beat
anyone. That was the draw, it could be anyones day.
There are a lot of fish at Twyford and it could be anyones day. From Andy Birt SEE Whats On Page

A fair venue is a myth and trying to create one destroys match fishing. People used to travel to matches knowing two things. One, if the weather was half decent they would catch.
Two if theydrew well they could beat anyone. That was the draw, it could be anyones day. There are a lot of fish at Twyford and it could be anyones day.

SEE Whats On Page

My name is Gareth Boycott,I'm 23 and have recently moved to Romsey having lived in Salisbury for the past 18 months. I work as an agent and
promoter in the entertainment industry and have done since graduating with an English degree in 2007. You might know me from Total-Fishing
Com and where I post under the name 'Welshmagic'
Follow my fishing blog  Click Here

I recently visited your site and wondered if you would be interested in a Link Exchange.  I Have already added your site to my link page
which can be found at:

Hi Clive,
I have developed an education provision at Cefn Mably Lakes that you may be interested in mentioning on your web site.INCLUSION
THROUGH ANGLING - Education & Training"Hooked on learning"

You may already be aware of what I am doing but if not, please take time to visit our website, where you will find lots of information
as well as a short film and all of our recent press releases. If you are interested then I would be really pleased to have you mention
us on your site.
 I look forward to hearing from
you at your earliest convienience.
Best Regards & Tight Lines,

Hi Clive,
I am writing to ask if I can post this message on your website.
Hello everybody, I'm looking for anybody who has a story about how Angling has helped improve their lives.

Specifically, I'd like to hear from anyone who has personal experience of mental health problems, and how Angling has benefited their mental health. Maybe it has helped you deal
depression or anxiety, gain in confidence, or rebuild a social life?

I work for the mental health charity Mind, which is involved in England's first national anti-stigma and discrimination campaign called Time to Change. Research has shown that
discrimination is best reduced through social contact and Time to Change's Get Moving project aims to organise mass participation events throughout the country where people with
and without experience of mental distress can take part together.

Get Moving events are based around a physical activity as much research has pointed to the benefits exercise has on our mental as well as physical health, some research even
suggests it can be as effective as medication. So, we'd like to hear from anyone who would be willing to share their story with Get Moving and help us raise the profile of our

Please email me at if you would like to know more about Time to Change, Get Moving or how we'd like you to be involved. Thanks a lot
Peter Hardy  Get Moving Project Assistant  Tel: 020 8215 2349

Hi Clive
I am a candidate for West Midlands region for <> party for European Elections on June 4th and was told
today by an angler that a new directive is coming in that all fishing ponds, lakes must be fenced in by 2010 and not just around lake but up
by waters edge.
Please can someone fill me in with more details so I can argue this corner! I am a farmer and farmer's wife so already have to contend with
many EU directives, as Brussels makes 8 out of 10 laws in the UK. Libertas is for a democratic, accountable & transparent europe, putting
up candidates throughout Europe in June.
The only way to bring a holt to the corruption and un elected bureaucrats is
to have a large enough party! Thank you. Zigi Davenport <>

I am writing to you regarding the Channel 5 TV show - Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. Each country Robson fished throughout the program
he hired the services of a fishing guide.
The new second series which has already been running for some weeks takes Robson on fishing adventures to Australia, Canada, Alaska and more.
On April 13th Channel 5 will air the episode of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green filmed in Thailand. I was hired to guide Robson for the entire
Thailand show, and so the following is my personal account of the 6 days
filming with Robson Green and the fishing which entailed. This is somewhat of an exclusive insight into the Thailand episode as it has not yet been
released on TV, we caught so many fabulous fish that they may not all make it to the final 1 hour cut - and I too have no idea which will be included
and which will not until the night!
I formed my guiding company Fish Thailand ( 5 years ago and since have guided globe trotting anglers from over 50
different countries fishing all over Thailand.
IWC Media first contacted me about the filming 5 weeks prior to the shoot - I felt very honored that my Fish Thailand Team and myself was requested
to guide the entire Extreme Fishing Thailand episode. Out of 6 days filming there was only 4 days allocated to catch some of the wildest, biggest and
most elusive freshwater fish in Thailand from 4 different provinces - a day for each venue!
Fishing and filming with Robson Green was a wonderful experience and I can honestly say he has a rare gift of kindness, honesty & humour coupled
 with a genuine interest in people & their experiences. After meeting Robson for the first time it immediately felt as though we were not filming -
nothing was staged like I had almost expected it to be and there were many
times I didn't even realise they were filming Robson & myself; just two fishermen enjoying the moment. To me this is the purest kind of fishing program
where there are no tricks, the test  of a fishing show is not only the catching, but also the struggling & the occasional blanks. If I didn't manage to get
Robson on the fish in the day allocated, there would be no 'extra time'
it would have been a blank but it would still have made TV - and great TV at that because of Robson, the crew and how they capture the moment.
For the Thailand episode however, every day of the four days fishing went perfectly. We fished on a river for freshwater stingray which the world has been
earing so much about recently and in just 1 day caught a gigantic fish around the 500lb mark. A day in the jungle fishing for Indian Carp (rohu) in a vast dam 60km long 15km wide we c
aught some magnificent carp,  also caught were Mekong catfish to 50lb, arapaima, redtail catfish, alligator gar, pacu and so much more.
  <>What I think is very special about the Thailand episode and the venues I guided Robson fishing to, is that every past & future client of mine is given the
same level of guiding and opportunities to catch the fish that Robson did at the same places as Robson fished with me. If anything other clients will catch more than Robson on a Fish Thailand fishing holiday because they will not be restricted to just one day at each venue. There were no setups, no staged fish - everything about Extreme Fishing with Robson
Green Thailand episode was real life fishing & true fishing experiences.
Tight Lines Eddy Mounce - Fish Thailand

Alan Campbell wrote:Hello Clive Would you know of any small club that would do a swap with us. We are an Oxford based club with a
prolific stretch of the Thames at Sandford. We are looking for an exchange with a club that have a stretch of the Wye for a day outing.
Thanks in advance Alan Campbell Secretary Littlemore Angling Society
(Any Club interested please email me at

Angling; Emergency meeting after Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers collapses
Hi, my name is Nick Tait, co-owner of HICKSTEAD LAKES fishery, West Sussex.
I found your site though a mutual partner site 'Fish South East'......... I am writing to ask if you would like us to include a link to your web
pages..We are already linked to uk fisherman,fish south east,the anglers trust and several bait and tackle shops, and will be adding more over
the next few weeks, our site is getting increasing traffic each week, and this may benifit both of us. hope to hear from you soon.
nick tait

Dear Clive,

Although I'm based in the UK, there are carp anglers from all over the world on this mailing list. Therefore,
I'm sure that some of you will want to know a bit about Europe's biggest carp show. If so, please click here:

Hello Clive!
I am working for a film company shooting a short film on the Gower Peninsula next week and we are looking for sea creatures to put in a
rock pool and film. I thought with your knowledge of the sea and the local area you may be able to help?
We are looking for: A crab a hermit crab a star fish a jelly fish a sea urchin and an anemone
Is there anyone that would be able to help us find/handle them for the  film shoot? We of course would pay them. I hope to hear from you!
Kind Regards, Vinca Petersen tel: 07772720134I  email


came across your website which was very interesting & wondered if you could include us on you free for sale page?
The lake is hundreds of years old & was re-established in 2005 when we purchased the house. We have, upto now just relied on word & mouth
bookings & all have left us with positive comments, one lad even writing an article on us, which sadly no one published, you may be interested
in this, please ask if so & I'll email it over to you. We are trying to get the fishing side going & so could do with any help we can
get. Many thanks for taking the time to read this & we value your help & opinions.Kind Regards Sharon Wolfenden
FOR SALE ITEM: Beautiful fully stocked carp lake in Northern Brittany, 30mins from St  Malo. Set in stunning surroundings & edged with huge
oaks, the lake is stocked with Linear, Commons & Mirror upto 35lb. Not over fished so catching is usually plentiful. Situated 1km
from a village with all amenities & just 50m from two luxury gites. Parking is next to the lake  as well as a bbq.
Amenities on site also include a heated swimming pool, badminton, table tennis & boules etc. as well as things to keep the little ones
occupied. So something for the whole family .See our website
: or email:

Hi clive,
I am trying to buy a subscription to a magazine for christmas, for my friends teenager who loves carp fishing, but as i don't fish,
i was looking for some expert advice. Please could you advise....there are so many!!! thanks stephen
ps. he's a 12 year old boy and a novice. and I will have him subscribe to your site too.

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Many thanks for your time Chris Fox WWW.BAGUPBAITS.CO.UK
I came across your website which was very interesting & wondered if you could include us on you free for sale page?
The lake is hundreds of years old & was re-established in 2005 when we purchased the house. We have, upto now just relied on word & mouth bookings
& all have left us with positive comments, one lad even writing an article on us, which sadly no one published, you may be interested in this, please
ask if so & I'll email it over to you. We are trying to get the fishing side going & so could do with any help we can
get. Many thanks for taking the time to read this & we value your help & opinions.
Kind Regards Sharon Wolfenden

Beautiful fully stocked carp lake in Northern Brittany, 30mins from St Malo. Set in stunning surroundings & edged with huge oaks, the lake
is stocked with Linear, Commons & Mirror upto 35lb. Not over fished so catching is usually plentiful. Situated 1km from a village with all amenities & just 50m from two
luxury gites. Parking is next to the lake  as well as a bbq.
Amenities on site also include a heated swimming pool, badminton, table tennis & boules etc. as well as things to keep the little ones
occupied. So something for the whole family .

See our website: or email:


Hi Clive
A few days ago I saw my first mink on the Taff, beside the weir at Forest Farm.  I'm trying to find out if this is a known thing and if anyone might be interested
 in the sighting and one wildlife forum suggested that anglers might be involved in controlling mink.  Do you know anything about this? Bob Magee  Cardiff
Hi Merlin
Mink have been a pest for anglers for a while all through out the waterways in the UK for a number of years The suggestion is that they escaped from mink
farms in Essex in the 1980s and have spread into most rivers. They are difficult to control and have a detriment affect on fisheries while they can be savage to humans
I suggest that angling clubs
should contact pest control companies to eradicate these nuisance animals. Regards Clive


Hi Clive

As you have seen we came sixth, what a result for a bunch of club anglers. It certainly made a few teams look.

I must thank you as our plan was to waggler fish throughout the match, don't bother with the feeder, much the same as you do. The whole team were in agreement that the only way we would get the result we wanted was to do something different and after watching you perform, in our mind that was the way
to go.

When on the practice we went out for the bream on the hot bream pegs and saw three small skimmers and the odd perch, this was too much of a gamble
 and we would be doing the same as everyone else, feeder for the first and last hour and do anything in the middle hours.

I've been fishing Nationals for 25 years for various teams and without doubt this was, thanks to your help, the best plan I have ever had. At first it did seem
like a gamble but on our last practice day it confirmed it could work, and it did!

I checked all the sections out on the Friday and they all looked perfect. On the South Drain the rudd were topping all over and they looked in the region
of 4-6oz so we thought that would be a good draw and should be good fishing.

I did the draw and managed to draw out 4 end pegs, not bad in a random draw! I was by two of my old teams, Mark One and the Royal Navy and when
I opened the
envelope I said to them "you know I said we would be in the top ten", I said "well make that in the top five", well as expected
they took the p**s. It took the smile off there faces when the results were given out. I was chuffed to bits.

As you have probably heard it fished really hard with hardly anything feeding only small perch. The one bit off advice that you mentioned, which
was the best bit of info was to introduce small balls of supercup and crumb to kick start the swim, this worked for nearly all of us and was
probably what got us the result.

I qualified for the Individual National on the River Nene which I have fished hundreds of times in various leagues and Nationals, it's only 20
miles away so I will be up there this weekend and the next, trying to get that sorted and see if the roach are feeding yet.

Once again Clive on behalf of all the lads and myself thanks for your help, without it we would never have achieved such a good result.

Kind regards

Arnie Palmer
Captain, Holbeach and District Angling Club

Hi Clive,
Hope you remember me, Arnie Palmer (Holbeach & District AC). We sat behind you for quite sometime during your recent Super League Match,
 the one where you were second. For me as captain of our team in the forthcoming Div One National, it was a great experience to see how you
approach the river and receive the advice you freely gave to us.
During and after the match I made notes and wondered if the methods you used would work throughout the river and on the other two drains and
whether or not you would use the same method on all the sections of the Huntspill
We went back to the section on the Tuesday after the Super League, I sat on the same peg that you drew, as I had to see if I could beat all the feeder boys
on the famous Gold Corner. I used the same set up as you as I needed to prove to the team that I could see nothing wrong with
putting a plan around the same method. Result was I had over 12lb, the nearest feeder weight was 4lb.
Through my experience of fishing nationals in the past, I have found if you can get the whole team to catch more than 4lb a man, the team will
not be far off the top ten
Were not Dorking or Barnsley Blacks, but I would like to think that with a decent method, we would hopefully finish in a respectable position.
Do you think that the Waggler will work on all the sections?
I understand from Graham that if the Bream show there will be some big weights, but from what I have seen you can sit on the feeder for an hour
and have nothing, which could be 2-3lb of waggler fish. If the whole team do this from the off then as long as the roach feed, I cant see anything wrong
with basing my team plan around it.
If you have the time to reply what would you do? Do you think it would work for the team, as thats what Nationals are about?
Thanks for letting us see how you fish. As I said it was worth more to us than fishing for a week on the venue. We would have fished the method
completely the wrong way if we had not seen how you do it.
You are a total inspiration to me and I cant thank you enough.
Kind regards
Arnie Palmer
Captain, Holbeach & District Angling Club


JULY 7th 2008 was the date that Fellow angler and friend of many
Stan Crowley (53) (Cardiff Nomads) passed away at Home after being released from University of Wales Hospital Cardiff. He will be
sadly missed by all that fished with him. It is ironic that only a couple of weeks prior to his departure I fished along side Stan at Cefn Mably Ponds to be
beaten by Stan from the next peg. Stan winning his final match. Unfortunately the following week he drew next to me and after feeling unwell he had to pack
up early.  I have fond memories of Stan and in particular he was always called the youngster of the team. As a young teenager we all new that Stan was going
to be a star amongst us. He starred in a Match fishing Video that I made at Morgan Pond Newport in the late 80s We were pegged opposite each other and
the camera was following our action. I caught well on the Bloodworm
early on in the match, however Stan caught much larger Skimmers and he Won the match with over 17lb.
Stan you are and will always be a Star. I am sure Stan will be fishing in Heaven. God Rest

Clive (Editor) 

Whatever your ability, from complete novice right through to regular match angler, whatever style of coarse fishing you want to do (eg stick float, waggler float,
pole float, feeder etc), whatever species of fish
you are hoping to catch, I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending Clive's angling tuition.
I spent two fantastic days coarse fishing with Clive and he tailored the sessions to my individual requests. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at all times, from chatting
about  fishing round the breakfast table right through to catching fish after fish after fish on the riverbank. I plan to come back soon. Jon Jagge

Jons 20lb plus bag of Dace, Grayling, Chub / See My Tuition

JUNE 16th Close Season Opens for rivers (The EA point of view)
The Purpose of Close Seasons
The legal basis for the statutory close seasons is to protect fisheries from the impacts of angling during the breeding season. For coarse fish, a close season was introduced at the
 end of the nineteenth century, when coarse fish were usually killed upon capture.
Nowadays coarse fish are almost invariably returned to the fishery and therefore a close season may no longer be justified on all waters. Although the coarse fish close season may
have benefits for wildlife,
habitat and to other recreational users, these are incidental and close seasons cannot be imposed for these reasons.
On this basis, the justification for close seasons for salmon and trout is clear. However, for rainbow trout in stillwaters there is no close season, since these fisheries are entirely
 reliant on stocking. In contrast to stillwaters, most river fisheries are in multiple ownership, with fish free to move between stretches owned by different people. Fisheries
 management actions taken by one owner will have an impact on the neighbouring waters; this is of particular importance with regard to spawning sites on rivers, which are often
very localised.
In February 2000 the independent Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Review considered close seasons and recommended that: Byelaws should be introduced to abolish the close
season for coarse fish on canals
and rivers except where its retention is necessary to avert serious risk of damage to fish stocks. The Government supported our view that such a proposal should be based on sound
While sound scientific evidence was available to support the case for removing the close season on canals, it was not available in respect of rivers. Because all river coarse fisheries
have a close season, it is virtually impossible to gather the required evidence - a scientific comparison similar to that done for canals would be needed. Our view is that in the absence
 of scientific evidence, we must take a precautionary approach towards rivers, retaining the current close season. It should also be noted that the above recommendation resulted
in a great deal of representation to Government from angling and fisheries interests opposing the removal of the close season on rivers.


Hi Clive,
Just heard a rumour that Llyn Jane on Anglesey is closed and being converted to a caravan park. Can you please verify this story? 
Best Regards  Steve Norris

Hi Clive
Just had a look at your site and i cannot find Llanbradach angling club the club has been running since 1984 and has a great stretch of the rumney river.our web site is
The Llanbradach Angling Club was established in 1984 to provide fishing for the village of Llanbradach and surrounding areas,
over the years the club has obtained fishing rights on the river Rhymney and sought to improve the quality of the river as a whole
along with its fishing.

The club controls approximately one and half to two miles of fishing on the Rhymney that is leased long term and in some cases owned.  The boundaries are from the footbridge
at Pwll-y-pant in the north to the little farm in the south, some of the fishing is double bank and the species available are Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Grayling and coarse fish.
Welsh International trials have been held on the
waters and the internationals have found the graying fishing of a high quality


Buy your rod licence online

You can now buy your new licence for 2008/09.
Any angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in
Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.
Money from the sale of licences helps to fund our work managing fisheries.
If you are caught fishing without one, you are cheating other anglers and could be fined up to £2,500.

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I would like to thank my visitors and angling friends for a good year and wish all the best and tight lines for Christmas and the New Year.
Please keep all your views and comments coming plus any reports and pictures.


Hello Clive,
congratulations to the amazing Welsh result in Hungary! Some of the Welsh Anglers I remeber from the time I was in Cardiff.
Ist a pity, that just half point seperates you from the Top three.
Anyway, the Welsh are better anglers than football-players. Just the other way
round than the germans.

Do you think you will return into the welsh (angling-) team ?

Best wishes from Germany


I usually put this add on the WANTED section. However I am putting this up on My Views Page as my friend Dan frm the USA is very eager to find this spare..
Clive Branson...

I am looking for a front cover for a abu 505. Any 500 series reel cover will fit and I would purchase if offered. If I have to buy a complete or partial parts reel
I will E-mail me at I have a complete 505 in excellent condition if I can't find a cover it will be for sale if any one is interested.
Hope to find cover and use
this reel Thanks for everyone's help. look forward to hearing from everyone. Dan Bailey

Imation using Images and Icons to mark where it took place on the Waters they have fished.As part of the promotion of the system I would like to exchange
links with other UK angling web sites.To this end would you be interested in your web site being listed on a links page on my site in exchange for you listing
my site on yours?Please review my site and let me have your views at your convenience.My web site url is I look forward to
hearing from you.Thanks. Ian

Dear Clive, Smashing website! I love reading match angling write ups! I had the pleasure of match fishing in the UK whist studying in Nottingham some years ago. I am currently
home in Malaysia and sorely miss the match angling scene over there. The competitions here are complete mayhem with anglers fishing shoulder to shoulder in a puddle! Needless
to say i gave them a miss. I got my hands on pole fishing, and Ive been told im the only pole angler in this country. I try to contribute some articles to a local angling mag on pole
fishing and plenty of people are interested but the tackle shops here do not carry them. I've always wondered how countries managed to get into the World championships, seems that
the list mostly consists of European nations. Any chance
Asian countries (like Malaysia) could participate and if so, how?I have a million and a half question to ask you on match fishing! Hopefully we can keep in

touch through email.Cheers!* Dean