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This page will be updating soon These listed below are achive news
To see my Latest Vlogs click here

Dusting off my rods since my last match on  the River Wye I joined the lads at Hendre Lake Cardiff, one of my favourite silver fish lakes fishing the 5 hour match I opted for summer waggler tactics and finished with  19lb 3oz of roach and skimmers beating the bream tactics with Clive Roberts 2nd 17lb 8oz


Drawing the end Peg 102 one below where Dave Harrel won from two weeks previously, I knew I was in with a shout. Opting for one of my favourite methods “Float fishing The Bread”; I caught 12 chub in the second hour, using a size 6 hook baited with bread flake. The river started to rise due to the rain the day before I fished the maggot feeder during the middle of the match with no bites, and it was not until the last 30 minutes I switched back to the float and with another 10 chub on the bread giving me a winning weight of 45lb 8oz

Wye Winter League

Drawing peg 51 just above the old railway bridge I managed just 2lb 4oz of dace caught on the stick float in the first 30 minutes. Coming fourth in the section helping our team into 2nd place on the day


Continuing my good fortune on Port Talbot Dock in Neath South Wales I secured another win this Sunday using the feeder and roach tactics. Drawing peg 7 I fished a Long tail floating maggot catching 29lb 13oz beating Richy Candy 2nd 26lb 4oz.  3rd on the day was Mike Towler with 23lb 12oz Section winners Mal Entwistle and Raf Angler Kevin Ellaby both with 22lb 6oz


With the River Wye called off I decided to fish the Sunday Port Talbot Open. With strong facing winds drawing peg 15 
I opted for a 3oz open ended feeder fishing dead maggot on a size 16, Brown crumb and Sensas Lake groundbait, Catching a late run of skimmers topping up my early roach I finished with 25lb 8oz winning the match by 4lb from Jeff Clark (Rebels)  21lb 12oz and match organizer Mal Entwistle 3rd 21lb 1oz


The decision to go ahead with the Wye Champs was left to the last moment as the anticipated drop in water level was imminent. However extra rain came and the level rose throughout the match, drawing Fownhope I was disappointed to see the River Lug pouring out chocolate colour water. With barbel being the main quarry most anglers below the river lug struggled. I managed 2lb 9oz of small roach on the feeder to win my section which was a compensation


Back to the prolific Port Talbot dock in Neath South Wales this weekend drawing the point peg 8 I was disappointed to hear that this peg has not been fished in previous weeks as the fish tend to come over the areas that feed has gone in. Nevertheless I caught 16lb of roach and skimmers at 20 meters and won my section money. Match organizer Mal Entwistle  won from peg 10 weighing 23lb Anthony Hogg peg 7 19lb 2nd and Shaune Parsons 17lb 11oz 3rd


The first match of the series saw me draw peg 49 just below the hot spot of 47 and 48 I had to dig out steps to get to the water and with a high bank behind it was difficult to cast my stick float tried waggler to middle unable to cast I did enjoy the match catching small roach a few dace and bleak 14lb 14oz  for 3rd in my section


The Last match to qualify for the Riverfest final was disappointing for me, drawing peg 63 above the Hampton ferry a peg I blanked off just a few matches ago. I did manage 2lb 4oz of bread punch roach and just missed out on my small section. The best anglers on this venue drew two of the best pegs Chalky won from peg 6 and Lee Gardner 2nd from peg 75. Always next year and considering the likes of Dave Harrel and Hadrian Wittle not qualifying I was in good company and I perhaps next year 

Drawing number 26 on the toilet section on Shrewsbury was a very good draw a few years ago, however with the lack of fish I struggled on a rising river. Catching 1lb 14oz on the bread punch including a small eel was ominous from the start. The pipe peg was Favourite and won the section with 3 chub for 10lb +.


 The pre fishfest match on the River Seven at Shrewsbury catching only 1lb 12oz from peg 60 seeing me in 3rd place and a section win. With 8lbs 1st and 5lb 2nd place from the shallow pegs 4os. Ominous that is all I can say about next Saturday event.


The Riverfest matches must be the most frustrating of all events to qualify This weekend saw me draw a real flyer at Upton on Seven the well known picnic pegs where all the locals go and fish. Reports of 7-8lb of bream caught the evening previous. However with the water low and clear not a single bream was caught throughout the match length. The match being won with 10lb of bleak of which for the last hour I fished for them weighing in 3lb 5oz, in hindsight seems the appropriate word. Sunday I drew the end peg on Evesham peg 85 again this peg is a good winter peg only 5ft deep. Catching 1lb 3oz with a 3oz perch still in the net after weighing didn’t make the frame, some very good anglers have qualified yet some very good anglers haven’t, frustrating to say the least.


Fishing a double head weekend on the River Seven: First match at Bridgenorth was a disaster on two levels: Getting lost and arriving at my peg with 10 minutes to spare (See Snide Rumours Page) then getting beat by the winner next peg above. Drawing a new cut out peg 167 I was told could be a flyer however the peg above me has won the last 3 matches peg 165. Saturday was no exception weighing in with 51 lb saw local lad Scott Geens walking away with the match, I did nevertheless win my small section with 8lb 8oz catching 1 barbel on feeder and 1 chub on float. Sunday on Bewdley I drew the Country park peg 106, very shallow swim 3ft catching a few dace at the beginning with half hour to go I opted for bread flake catching a chub first cast then bumping one, cursing that I didn’t try it earlier ended up with 5lb 8oz with just 15lb winning the section. Next week the riverfest road-show goes to Evesham and Lower Seven Watch this spac....

Getting there!! I fished a midweek commercial match at Cefn Mably this Wednesday over 50s good turnout over 20 anglers catching 66lb down the shelf losing a fish that cost me. 6ml Luncheon meat and caster came 4th
See me practicing


I fished the Welsh National this weekend at White Springs Llanelli South Wales A complex of small commercial lakes and canals. Not ideal for such a big match However Bob Giles from Merthyr become the most successful Welsh angler securing his 3rd Championships in a row catching 112lb of carp down the edge. I drew peg 3 on match lake not such a good draw not normally put in I was told, just 3ft deep catching just 6lb 8oz
Cardiff nomad teams  see


Only fished Sunday this week! Port Talbot Dock Neath South Wales. I Had a good peg for peg battle with Gary Martyn the Local venue expert with me coming on top winning the match with 19lb 15oz on the feeder catching mostly roach on red maggot. Gary was 2nd with 15lb 8oz of skimmers and this year’s Huntspill Champion Mal Entwistle 3rd (Glamorgan) with 13lb 9oz

Great weekend the Evesham Festival held over the bank holiday watching the Shakespeare final on the Saturday with some good performance from Allan Scothorne and Jon Arther. (Shakespeare Final Results. WINNER Rob Wooton 13-1-0 (Peg 52), 2nd Gary Miller 9-9-0 (25), 3rd Michael Buchwalder 9-2-0 (71) 4th Alan Scotthorne 7-7-0 (50) and 5th Dean Barlow 7-4-0 (8)) I drew peg 18 on the Sunday Witchavon Just below the fancied 15-17 noted barbell area. Hoping to snare a barbel I opted for a heavy approach unfortunately I didn’t get a take and finished with some hemp caught roach for 10oz. On the Bank Holiday Monday I decided to fish a local match on Hendre Lake in Cardiff. Winning the match with 18lb 12oz of roach on the waggler with Shaune Parsons (Cardiff) second with 18lb 3oz of skimmers

It was nice to see some old faces (excuse the pun!) at Evesham Veterans Match this Wednesday Some surprising things happen when we get oldies Just like the winner who fished peg 8 an un-fancied swim. Fished the pellet and caught a 13lb Barbel with an hour to go and another about 5lb with 5 mins to go winning the match with 18lb+ For me drawing peg 61 was déjà vue   as I drew that peg just a week ago next to Mark Downes. This time doing better with a dozen perch and two eels for 4lb 14oz winning my small section just out of the main prize list cursing the eels that bit me off. Getting to have a drink afterwards with my old mate Dennis White and Keith Hobson all complaining about our health made my day

Mixed Results
Bit of a mixed week. Winning an evening knock up on my local river Taff Cardiff was a nice treat catching 4 chub for 15lb on the boly. The weekend fishing the Warwickshire Avon was a tragedy drawing bad pegs on both days peg 61 normally a good draw with water on I managed 2lb 5oz on bloodworm & Joker the highlight was beating Mark Downs (England Manager) next peg. Sunday I drew peg 80 and with all the pegs in there was only 8 yards between the pegs above and below, tipping back over a 1b of small roach I didn’t weigh. However Tuesday evening saw me catch 14lb of roach and skimmers on the Hendre St Mellons Cardiff evening series finishing in 2nd    

Qualified at last for the Wychavon on the August bank weekend Drawing end peg 87 at the cricket pitch on the Warwickshire Avon Evesham . Catching on the waggler 13ft deep Mostly perch. With over hanging trees casting sideways was something I haven’t done for a while, putting 10lb 12oz into the net finishing joint 2nd missing the win by just 1oz. Cursing the mobile phone when missing the net with a 4oz fish.  Sunday I fished the Bristol Avon in the 3rd Riverfest qualifier match Catching small 1oz roach on the topper float throughout the match I ended with 11lb 12oz not enough to qualify but an enjoyable match


Fished the penultimate evening match at local Hendre lake Tuesday with a good net of roach and small skimmers totalling 18lb 2oz Fishing the waggler over depth dragging in the windy conditions. Coming second while Spud Murphy (Caerphilly) match organizer winning with 20lb 4oz of feeder caught bream 3rd on the day was Clive Roberts 17lb of hemp caught roach. Sadly I won’t be fishing the last match however over the series I have won 5 matches 2nd three times and a 3rd A very profitable Summer evening series indeed

This weekend I fished a double Qualifying match Sat & Sun at Evesham on The Warwickshire Avon. Drawing well on Sat Peg 15 just below the slip way. Catching a few perch & 3 eels on the feeder I hooked and lost what I beleive was a barbel snapping my 2lb hook length finishing with just 2lb 12oz another opportunity to qualify gone! Sun I drew an unfancied peg 82 near the end of the match length. With heavey rain over night the river rose by 6 inches opting for a small stick down the side fishing pinkie I caught 0ver 50 small bleak, roach & perch for 2lb 5oz. Beaten by a Barbel for a section win

Mid Wednesday evening match. After winning my last couple of matches at Hendre Lake South Wales I had to settle for second place with 16lb of Waggler caught Roach as the Bream fed Spud Murphy the Organizer caught late with a late catch of pellet fished feeder tactics. 18lb 4oz 3rd making a come back was Mike towler Glamorgan A/C


After drawing peg 25 at Evesham one below last week I thought it may fish the same However the river still not fishing for roach where Perch and Eels being the target fish. Managing just a couple of pounds of Perch. Tuesday evening sweep at Hendre Lake Cardiff Saw me winning my 5th match on this prolific venue with 17lb 14oz of roach and small skimmers on the waggler, using groundbait at first then switching to maggot over hemp. 2nd was my old mate Clive Roberts with 14lb 12oz 3rd Mike Towler also on the wagg with 14lb 4oz

Winning my fourth match at Hendre Lake this Tuesday with 12lb 12oz just beating Shaune Wilson by just 3oz Thinking my luck was good until Wednesday Shakespeare qualifier drawing peg 24 just above the culvert below the Evesham town bridge drawing next to the new welsh team manager  Andy Johnstone who was on peg 23 above. Proving a point and beating him by a few ounces (3lb 5oz to my 3lb 12oz)  I did however lose a big chub on the net that may have given me a chance to qualify for the Shakespeare August Bank Holiday Match. Only a few matches left will have to try harder        


Another Placing this Saturday 3rd with 8lb 8oz from Peg 16 on the Warickshire Avon Catching a 4lb barbel helped with a dozen perch on the maggot feeder, however loosing another two probably didn't help. Trevor Chalk on peg 1 won the match with 16lb including a large bream. Just missing out again from qualifying for the Shakespear Bank Holiday weekend. Still with £140 prize money I can't complain. In the team match the following day, the river fished hard I managed 1lb 11oz in my section 3rd just missing out again on section money. Our Team Nomads finished 8th out of 14.

After fishing a dismal match on the Warwickshire Avon this weekend with just 1lb 12oz from a peg just two away  from my place position last week and then a blank from peg 64  on the cafe field Sunday I finished in the winning position on the Cardiff  Nomads Evening open Tuesday with 18lb 12oz  of waggler caught roach. Using long range groundbait and maggot finishing off with larger fish over a bed of hemp and dead red maggot Thats 3 wins in 4 matches

Another win for me. With warm balmy weather conditions and no wind Hendre Lake fished below standard Fishing my Waggler method hemp & maggot I caught 18lb 8oz of roach winning the match by 4lb from Lee Edwards 14lb of bream  

Sunday 16th June Start of the River Season  saw me fish the  Sheakespear Qualifier on the Avon at Evesham. With a full entry of  78  anglers the fishing was to be expected slow. However drawing peg 27 on the town in 5ft water I was optamistic as my memory recall  of chub in the area. Fishing the waggler across I managed two chub Loosing a Barbel that probably cost me in a snag under my feet. Double red maggot and catching two perch on the worm I finished with 5lb. Just missing out on qualification by 8oz But finishing 5th overall picking up £125

Glad to see the Coarse Fishing season proper back on the 16th June this coming Sunday. I will be on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham while having some success with roach on the waggler at Hendre Lake Cardiff with a 2nd 15lb of roach and 5th and (7lb 2oz) 4th (11lb 12oz) respectfully.

Back after Winter  Break with a win
Dusting off my tackle I fished a couple of the local commercial matches at Cefn Mably S Wales catching 32lb and 36lb respectfully My 3rd match was the first of the natural venues at Hendre Lake St Mellons. This match saw my finish in 1st place  with 17lb of roach caught on red maggot fishing a clear waggler at 25 meters feeding 1 pint of hemp


I fished the last thursday of the river season on the beloved Warwickshire Avon Evesham and with snow water in the river weights were well down. I drew peg 71 in the cafe field and just managed 1 tommy ruffe Looking forward to next season with the weather much better I hope.

The final round of the Hereford Winter League on the River Wye Belmont was a very eventful occasion for me. After catching a couple of Chub on the feeder I switched to the inside float, catching a 4lb Chub and a roach over a 1lb the bank suddenly collapsed and I went into the very cold river that was carrying a few feet of water. Thanks to Midland Angler Colin Harvey next peg who help me get out of the slippery bank taking 15 minutes which may have cost Colin the match as he was catching well at the time and finished with 30lb 8oz for second in the match just a couple of lb from winning. After drying off and fishing just in my leggings I ended up with 10lb Winning my section on default. Shakespeare and Woodys tackle both finished joint winners but Shakespeare winning overall due to section wins. Our Team Cardiff Nomads finished in 3rd and picking up Prize money. That’s it now until Next winter and now probably a stint on the commercials during the Close season.       <>

Its been a few weeks since I have been fishing all due to the weather and so it was a nice return to The River Wye this weekend. The penultimate match of the Wye Winter league at Belmont Herford town. However nobody told the fish and almost half of the field blanked including two of our team Clive Roberts and Richard Candy.  I believe it was snow water that kept the temperature down while drawing peg  14 cynide straight I did manage a barbel and one chub for 5lb 14oz. Fishing  four red maggots on a 5ft tail with a BB shot 4" from the hook. Winning my section, our team came second now and still lying 3rd. One to go with Sheakespear 1st 61 points and Woodys Tackle 2nd 59 points Cardiff Nomads 52 points

After a captain’s team meeting with the river running very high it was agreed to carry on with the 4th winter league on the River Wye Hereford. Drawing peg 32 just above the pump house my peg was a mass of boils and using an old flooded river tactic with bb shots on the line above the feeder and above the hook, I managed to winkle out 24 small dace for 3lb7oz picking up section money. Our team came third and now 3rd overall

Déjà vu
Drawing the same peg 81 as last match I thought it was going to be easy. However with the river running clear and a drop in temperature the deeper pegs on section produced the better weights. I managed 7lb and finished half way in the section. Our team finished with all of us catching claimed 3rd position on the day and now second overall.

This week saw the river running a few feet high but running cear, with an over night frost the catch weights generaly was low. with Hadrian Wittle  (Hereford) winning from peg two with 30lb of feeder caught chub. I drew peg 81 which has a new wooden platform and I made the most of it by winning my section with 16lb 8oz. Roach down the side feeding a gallon of hemp, a few dace on the pole further out.  By popular demand I have put together a peg for peg profile of the Belmont Stretch see Belmont click here

With the River still up and pushing through silt still causing a problem the first of the winter league series started slowly with just 29lb of Perch winning the match from peg 74. Drawing the section below peg 79 I managed 9lb of dace using the boly float and rod coming 4th in the section and my team Cardiff Nomads a credible joint 3rd on the day.

The start of the river Wye fishing for the coming winter season started off slowly with low weights in the Wye Charity Match at Belmont Hereford drawing peg 40 on the Ash path and with only 24lb making 4th place. I had  a good start weighing in 18lb 4oz of dace and roach using the boly rod and float combined with Mole Hill and hemp. Winning my section and not far out of the main prize list


This year Welsh National was held on Redhill Carp fishery in Monmouth and Browning Swansea swept the board with 1st and 2nd in the team with team member Bob Giles winning with a huge 230lb of maggot caster caught carp. I managed a credible 17lb 8oz of skimmers on tilleys pond coming mid way in the Section See

MASTER CLASS on The Warwickshire Avon
The Evesham Festival was a great event with the same faces making the prize list yet again. The Shakespeare final on the Saturday with Dave Harrell with his match winning Barbel 13lb 8oz catching it in the first five minutes, biting his nails hoping nobody would catch him up. And for me fishing in the Sunday Wychavon championships drawing the same peg 45 that I previously won from only a couple of weeks ago. However with the rain affecting the river colour overnight, the Avon was running much faster and my method went through the window. Bream was the dominant species and I witnessed something I never experienced before. Possibly the best angling performance ever from 4 times World Champion Alan Scothorne from the peg below, catching skimmers with a running pole float on the bloodworm. I opted for a feeder approach that was totally wrong the fish wanted it moving. I ended up with only 11oz I can’t wait until next year see results here

Shakespeare Veterans Championship
Drawing peg 20 above the Town bridge saw me catch 4lb 8oz of perch, gudgeon and small roach winning my section and just outside the main prize money see results here
As a fishing guest for Wellingbourgh Nene during the 1st divisional national held on the Bristol Avon. I drew the upper reaches stretch at Chippenham in the Park area. With river running fast at one moment and then stopping due to the lock system I found the fish very finicky and ending up with 1kilo 100drams beating a few anglers around me yet way down in this split section where the outer town section fished much better.  See results here


The last Wychavon qualifying match saw me drawing unfancied peg number 45. With no recent form to this peg I was undaunted to the task. Opting for gudgeon and perch down the side, however I kept feeding the 14meter line with hempseed and with heavy rain making it impossible to fish, until the rain stopped and with 1½ hours left of the match I caught steadily two to a pound of quality roach on a 11 x 4 pole float to give me the winning weight of 15lb 12oz and a place in this year 2012 Wychavon Final


Finishing off the summer league at Hendre Lake Cardiff saw some good roach bags, however it was Spud Murphy and his bream catch of 28lb than won the match, with a peg to peg battle with Clive Roberts I managed to catch 20lb 12oz to his 20lb 8oz

With just one match left after this penultimate match saw the Bristol Avon running clear and most anglers struggled. After the first two hours of just a couple of roach I switched to the waggler and caught steady small chublets and bleak ending up 3rd in the section with 5lb 2oz

Evesham this year is finding difficult to qualify and after drawing peg 7 in the town with bloodworm allowed was a nightmare for me with pike taking any fish hooked weighingin just 3lb while Andrew (Spud) Murphy (Ebbw Vale) above on peg 6 caught 10lb 8oz and no pike problem

With just one match left after this evening stint I came Joint 3rd with 16lb 12oz of roach on the waggler. However it was bream that dominated again, and Lee Pestisio come back match proved fruitful with 21lb of bream on the feeder

Back again to Evesham trying to qualify for the festival final. Drawing a fancy peg 36 just below the isbourne mouth I managed 4lb2oz of chublets and just winning my small section receiving £40 A single 13lb 8oz Barbel was enough to win the match for young Steven Pickering from evesham

With the river still coloured and flowing the Bristol Avon saw bream dominate the main prizes I did manage 2lb 10oz of roach for 3rd in the section. The next week Sponsored Environment agency match also with the river runnibg and a slight colour Bream also won the event with a 80lb weight and this time I caught 10lb10oz of roach from the donkey field at bath section 3rd in the section again.

Wednesday saw me at the Evesham trying to qualify for the big weekend. Catching a 5lb tench and a few perch for a total weight of 9lb 13oz from peg 68 in the ferry field. Normally good enough for a place however coming 5th in this 70 pegger just saw me win my section one place out of the money and 11lb coming second in the match. (Loosing an eel at the net cost me the placing) My Traveling partner Clive Roberts had a great match and won off unfancied peg 40 with 18lb of bream.

With the Drain over flowing due to the adverse weather conditions of rain and more rain the Huntspill became a river. With my Waggler approach of Hemp and maggot I managed 9lb 13oz of roach and 4th in the section. Our Team Nomads unfortunitly came last

In the money again with  a 3rd place waggler and maggot approach. Weighing in 16lb 10oz of quality roach from peg 2. With the bream not showing due to a cold snap Clive Roberts (Cardiff Sensas) Won with 20lb12oz on the pole thanks to A 4lb Hybrid.

This weekend saw  our team cardiff nomads  fish the practice match on the Huntspill Drain in Somerset. Although the match was peggy I managed 5kilo 500drams of waggler caught roach and skimmers,  3rd in the section and top 20 in the match just missing out on the money. Bream bag of 40kilo on Gold corner won the match and 10kilo making the frame

Hendre Eve Series
A great evening fishing with 23lb 8oz of roach on the waggler baiting up with red maggot fished over a bed of hemp. Coming 2nd with the winner 29lb of bream

This week saw me win my first commercial fishery match at Cefn Mably  with 87lb 6oz of F1 and mirrors. Drawing peg 13 in the middle of the Willow Lake using Luncheon meat over bed of hemp.

This week I came 3rd on the evening series at Hendre Lake with an all roach catch of 18lb 6oz. Fishing the waggler maggot and loose fed hemp. Loosing a slab on the net that could have won me the match. Spud Murphy (Carephilly) won on the feeder catching 9 bream for 21lb 10oz. 2nd was Clive Roberts (Nomads) with 19lb 14oz roach on the Pole.

Cefn Mably Commercial
Another go at commercials this week on willows lake Cefn Mably in St Mellons near Cardiff. Catching 91 lb of F1, mirrors, and skimmers coming 4th using top two just over the shelf using maggot, meat and hemp. Johnny Mac (Newport) Won with 106lb 2nd Rob Dyer 104lb  (Swansea) 3rd Peter Meese 101lb (Cardiff)

Hendre Evening Series
Another win this week with 21lb 8oz of roach and two bream all caught on the waggler, loose fed hemp and maggot. 2nd was Clive Roberts 17lb and Richard Candy 3rd with 14lb

Gloucester Match
The first of the S W Super league saw our new Sensas sponsored Cardiff Nomads come last but one. Giving out the wrong team tactics going for eels. Most fish where caught in the shallow far bank where the fish were still in a breeding mood. I was half way in my section with 2lb 2oz two skimmers one perch and two bootlaces.

Practice match
Fishing the Gloucester Canal as the practice match for the coming South & West Super league next weekend. Drawing peg 42 just off the Hemstead Bend saw me catch 2lb 2oz consisting of 1 rudd, 2 skimmer and 5 small eels on the feeder

Hendre Lake Win
Back to proper fishing. Fishing the first of the evening series on Hendre Lake Cardiff saw me win the match with 16lb 15oz of roach, caught on the waggler and maggot.

Try out the Commercials
Like it or not commercial fisheries are here to stay and will have to get to grips with them. Fishing Cefn Mably in South Wales was an eye opener with me catching 75lb of F1 and mirror carp with a good mix of small skimmers. Just missing out by 10lb for first place.

Gloucester Canal
Back to the canal again and drawing a good peg 63 end of the new netheridge bridge facing the old bend of the canal. With fish few and far between I managed to catch two bream for 7lb2oz coming third in the section.

Sensas Challenge
It was good to see some old familiar anglers from the past including French international anglers fishing the Sensas Challenge match on the Gloucester canal this weekend. However you can’t beat local knowledge as Gordon League proved by winning this high class competition. I caught mainly bleak on both days finishing mid way on both days. Larry Salter did best from our Team Nomads. Winning his section on day one with double figures of bream near Hemstead Bend

With overnight rain and 6ft on the River Wye at Belmont was not in a good condition for the last match of the season. Keeping up my good run of form on the river I drew peg 57 below the railway bridge just 2 pegs below my previous peg. Using a 7meter Bolly Rod and an over shotted 14gram Pole float I wittled out 15lb 8oz of dace. Coming 5thy overall I was in last one in the main prize list. The winning team overall was Welsh Wizards including two English Anglers out of the 5. Our Team Cardiff Nomads finishing 7th.

Another cold winter day with the water temprature just 10 degrees. A good turnout at Port Talbot Dock run by Swanse A/C  With just two roach caught throughout the match length I stuck at 80meters and with the last cast of the match my tip bent around and managed to land a 1lb 10oz Skimmer on double red maggot and size 18 hook Winning the match by 120z Mal Entwistle next to me caught a 4oz roach for third and Steve Shaw second on the end peg with an 8oz roach. (About time I hade some luck, as I would rather be lucky than skillful)

A last minute change due to frozen roads and icy river banks the winter wye league was cancelled. I quick phone call and a drive to Port Tabot Dock South Wales. Drawing the same peg as last week Peg 9 of which I managed 12lb of roach that was outside the prize money. However this week was different as the warm water outlet had shut down making the fishing very slow. As this peg is not fancied I was down in the dumps until the last hour. Casting  80-100  meters out saw me catch 4 roach for 1lb8oz finishing 3rd beaten by 8drams for second and 9oz from winning

Having a break from the River I thought I would give Port Talbot Dock a go. See this report
Learning that the warm water outlet wasn’t how it used to be and the big weights are not as customary as they used to be and a target weight would be around 30lb. I decided to edge my bets with a softly approach of just two cast of the swim feeder at 35 meters. And three cast at 50 meters I Loaded the 30 gram taped up feeder with just six maggots and six casters using floating red maggot as bait. Feeling my way for the first 30 minutes on each baited area; however with negative response I decided to chop a dozen red worms into the feeder and top and tail a broken worm in two with the juices flowing from the hook area. Immediate response with bites from roach, catching steady I introduced more caster and floating maggot. Size 14 B520 red hook and slightly greased hook length diameter 12 line 4ft long, setting out my stall for roach on the drop.  When bites slackened I introduced pinkies into the swim (Big Mistake as small rudd came on the feed) Changing swims and introducing more worm and red maggot saw me catch 8 skimmers all around 1lb – 2lb each. I ended up with 24lb 5oz just short of second position by 1 1/2lb Winning weight was 30lb

Drawing the top peg (54) below the Railway bridge at Belmont is not the best peg, however I managed to knock a few brambles down to take me a couple of yards further out in the river. Using a Bolgnese 6gram float overshotted I eased the float down the swim in a slightly up and coloured river. Catching steady small dace I ended up with 17lb 4oz finishing second in the section.


ts back to the River Wye at Hereford for the winter matches. My favourite time of the year and finishing 3rd with 32lb of Dace in the first winter league match was a good start. All caught on the stick float feeding hemp and maggot. The next match was the Wye Charity and with the river slightly up and coloured weights were down on avarage. Coming 5th and picking up prize money was my reward, catching 16lb 8oz of dace on the pole to hand. The next winter league saw me me catch 19lb 14oz of dace again and just missing out on the prizes this time by lb however catching a 8lb pike that did'nt count did not help. The next match I drew the tennis court and this time I caught 19lb 8oz consisting of 2 Grayling and two Barbel both caught on the waggler. Taking 20 mins to land each fish with one barbel going 10lb on a 16 hook and 2lb hooklength "Whew"

Huntspill Roach Skimmer Day
I love catching Roach and Skimmers on the waggler. In fact I caught all day in the Hunspill Championships drawing a peg near gold corner I amassed 6kilo of small fish on the hemp and maggot.  However the end pegs produced Bream and the winning weights of 9kilo came from there.

The End of Cardiff Nomads
I believe I may have fished my last match for Cardiff Nomads. Sadly due to circumstances over the club funds and a combination  of no new blood of anglers coming into the club (See Darker Story)  The Bristol Avon was a fitting tribute to where it all started over 45 years ago for me and a few steadfast anglers (See Cardiff Nomads Website) Catching 7lb 7oz of roach on the waggler just saw me finish just outside the Section and main money list.  Our Club Cardiff Nomads finished last and I don't expect anyone to turn up at last South West Super League. (Watch this space for future news.)

Bristol Avon

It's been 30years since last I last fished the Krane section of the Bristol Avon and although the river still looks the same this section is now full of fish.  The practice match for the South West Super League was good for me catching 8lb 8oz of roach and small chub. Fishing the waggler and topper float down the middle I won the section 1lb clear of the next angler. Looking forward to the match next week.

I wrote these for you as you seem to be leaving out the best bits!!!!!!!!!!!! Shuane Parsons (So called friend)
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Canal Disaster
Having a fishing break doesn’t help when fishing a new venue. My hook length broke when playing fish on four occasions during my team match at the K & A canal near Marlbourgh costing me a probable section win with only 4lb 60z winning the section. Our reconstructed Cardiff Nomad Team also came last, a bit of a canal disaster lets hope we can get it together next time on the Bristol Avon

Canal Bashing
It’s been a while since I fished the canals so taking the journey to Marlbourgh to fish the Kennet & Avon canal was daunting especially after an extended break, I was given a battering by the local anglers. Not used to Boats, walkers, cyclist and the strong flow and ebb of the canal I just managed a couple of pound of roach. While both sides of me caught 12lb and 14lb of skimmers respectively, using worm caster and red maggot fishing the long pole against the far bank was the order of the day. Lesson learnt for the start of the West Country Summer league that begins at the amazing canal with lots of silver fish to be caught, watch next week results here.

Poppy Appeal Match
The Annual poppy appeal match run by Ray Baysley from Bristol saw a big entry to fish the coloured Bristol Avon at Bath and Keynsham. South west in form angler Dave Harper won the event with 25lb 4oz of bream for me I drew in the trees at Newbury and winning my section with 8lb 5oz just missing on the main money by 4lb. A mixed bag that consisted of a 4lb bream, roach and perch using the bolly float and feeder.

Having a brain drain last weekend I fished the wrong peg on Belmont River Wye team league. Catching 11lb of dace thinking I done well, only to find I fished the wrong peg. Peg 96 on Belmont is a fancied peg between the bridges, instead I fished top of the tennis court and being a first in my fishing career I was disqualified. 

With the Winter River Wye now in good condition it was no surprise to see big weights at the River Wye Championships. Winning weight of 84lb, I was not far out with 46lb15oz. Drawing peg 4 at Breighton Church I started with my favourite bread flake changing to maggot and catching just 12 chub for my 5th place with each fish averaging over 4lb each. Picking up £170 in prize money

The Second round of the Winter League saw me draw peg 49 just above the Belmont railway bridge. Catching 16lb8oz of dace on the bolly under my feet finishing 3rd in the section

The start of the winter individual league saw Steve Shaw winning with a huge bag of skimmers from the boards, with 56lb I drew peg one and finished with just 12lb. The second round fished well below par with just 19lb 8oz winning. I caught 5lb12oz

The start of the winter matches are upon us and fishing the first round of the River Wye team series saw the river rise over night. With the exception of just a couple of pegs the river fished poor. Drawing peg 88 saw me catch 1lb 6oz of bleak. Our team Nomads coming 4th.

The odds are very high when drawingthe same peg as the last match, however on the final round of the South West Super League I did just that. End Peg 27 on the top section and with the river low and clear the fish were biting shy. Catching the same species as last match I weighed in with 9lb 15oz finishing half way in the section.

Fishing the penultimate round of the South West super league on the Bristol Avon I realised how every fish is important. Weighing in 12lb 15oz of hard caught roach, Perch and bleak using various methods including waggler, pole and whip I missed out on the money by 2oz. Dropping off  a couple from the hook can be very costly. A fantastic 61lb of bream won the match.

Eversham Abu Garcia Final
Having drawn peg 21 one above the bridge at Evesham town I was rather disappointed as this peg has not produced for a long time. Knowing that I couldn’t compete with small fish I went for an all out attack on big fish using lobworm. To say I had the frustrating day is an understatement, casting under the Road Bridge I must have had over a dozen takes, however I ended up with just 2 eels for 1lb 15oz. Steve Ashmore  on peg 30 had much better luck with just 4lb in his net with an hour to go he took a gamble with ledgered pellet in the last hour and snagged  a 12lb barbel

Section Share
Back to the Warwickshire Avon at Hampton Ferry Last of the qualifying matches for the Abu Garcia match next weekend. Although I have qualified,  my traveling partner and team Member Richy Candy of (CARDIFF NOMADS)  has not. Until this match, drawing peg 3 on the town which was unfished all year until now, he managed to snag an 18lb river Carp and win the match. I drew peg 56 and caught small chublets and bleak for 2lb 5oz sharing a section win with Steve Ashmore.

This weekend saw me fish the Huntspill Drain in Somerset. This venue would be an ideal location for a World Championship. A couple of miles of straight water with uniform depth throughout, plus loads of fish to catch. (See Link) Fishing the waggler I caught 8lb 4oz of small roach and skimmers to finish just short of the prize money.

Weekend Blues
Wrong tactics this weekend. Fishing the Avon at Evesham using bloodworm and joker for the first time  leading up to the Bank Holiday Festival weekend. Fishing close in was a mistake catching small roach finishing with 2lb 10 oz way down in the section. Huntspill on Sunday fishing with maggot and groundbait attracting small fish, changing to caster over hemp saw me finish with a good run for just under 10lb. Bream on the feeder winning the day.
Bad Run
I suppose it happens to the best of us, “a bad run”. Having missed out last week on any prize money unfortunately my bad run continued this weekend with me drawing peg 9 on the Town at Eversham  Warwickshire Avon.  A peg I drew a couple of weeks ago catching 9oz. This time I managed 15oz from this poor fishing peg. Sunday we travelled to the west country down to the Huntspill Drain in Somerset, a venue I had some success last year. However this time being out of touch I managed 3kilo of waggler caught roach finishing down in my section. Next week is the 3
rd round of the Supper League on the same venue, lets hope I can put an end to this bad run.

Bleaked out
With the Warwickshire Avon having a little rain the bleak were in abundance. Although in some areas the roach did feed, big fish was the order of the day. Having caught 4lb 3 oz of small fish I missed out on the Sat match. And Sunday was just as bad this time only 9oz of hard caught bleak.
Hemp Day

This weekend I travelled up the M50 again to fish another round of the Shakespeare Qualifier on Eversham part of the Warwickshire Avon.  Drawing Peg 45 just above the Whitehouse bend. The talk on the bank was that hemp was catching roach throughout. Tackling my 5ft swim with 14.5 meters on the pole I fished the hemp to finish with 4lb 13oz of Roach. Winning my section again and just outside qualifying.

This weekend was back to the Warwickshire Avon at Eversham. Sat (
Shakespeare qualifier) I drew peg 9 on the Town water Catching 0nly 4oz (See Rumors) Sunday I drew peg 54 below the whitehouse bend. With very windy conditions I caught  2 Chub 3 perch on the waggler and a 1lb 8oz eel on the feeder to help my win my section with 3lb 5oz. Just missing out on the main prize list.

With the River season now fully open and nights are still light. Mid week matches are the order of the day. Fishing my local River Taff in Cardiff saw me come second on the first evening match with 16lb of Dace, Chub and Grayling. The second match I won using the waggler and catching 18lb 12oz Dace.  2nd was Richy Candy (Cardiff)  with 15lb


A week after qualifying for the ABU Garcia on the Warwickshire Avon the river is still fishing finicky. Putting 3lb 9oz of small dace on the scales just missed out on the section. However the lower pegs fished its nuts off. With 47lb of bream winning the match and 18lb 2

With the first weekend of the River Season open I travelled to Evesham to fish two qualifiers. Sat was the Shakespeare qualifier where I drew peg 29. A fast shallow swim and I fished the waggler to win my section with 3.15oz of small chublets and dace. Not enough to qualify with double figures needed.

Sunday was the Abu Garcia qualifier (The old Witchavon) which saw me draw peg 64 in the Ferry field a noted deep peg and with the river low and clear the weights tumbled. However I managed to catch a 4lb 9oz Tench close in with only 45 minutes left of the competition. Coming 3rd overall and qualifying at my first attempt.   

just as I was getting to grips with Port Talbot Dock with My method of fishing up in the water for the first hour Let me down badly. With most anglers catching in the first hour on the bottom at 24ft Saw me fall behind. I was playing catch up and ended with 33lb of skimmers for 5th place. Winner on the day was Richy Candy with 37lb second was the most improved feeder angler in South Wales Suan Parsons (St Mellon's) with 36lb. Back to the Rivers next week with the open season. I'm fishing two days at Eversham Warwickshire Avon. Looking forward to catching ounces again. See how I get on next week.

With just 2 weeks to go to the Open River Season a hasty match was put together at Port Talbot Dock. This prolific fishery came up trumps again with me winning a close fought contest putting 59lb on the scales. Catching on a bolegnese rod and changing to feeder saw me catch 6-8oz skimmers throughout the 5 hour match. 2nd was Richard Candy  (Cardiff) with 41lb and Sean Parsons (St Mellons) 3rd with 32lb

With probably the last of the matches to be fished down at Port Talbot Dock this year. A good attendance came for the First of the two day Festival. Combining Cardiff Nomads and Skewen Anglers (Swansea) Richard Candy (Cardiff) won the first day event with 35lb. I drew peg 9 in the corner of the jetty, not such a good draw. Finishing with just 13lb 8oz. Second day saw my fortunes change with a fair draw peg number 2 and a revival with me changing tactics to a waggler at half depth catching roach and skimmers with a final burst on the feeder, also producing a 2lb 8oz eel helping me to 2nd place with 29lb. Anthony Hogg (Glamorgan won with 34lb) The overall winner on overall weight I became with 44lb
With this weekend fishing on this prolific venue reaching record temperatures the  skimmers still kept on feeding. Suan Parsons who has got to grips with the venue won again with 33lb on feeder methods. I came third with 26lb. Trying out waggler tatics for an experiment fishing at 14ft in 20ft of water saw me catch hybrids and roach.

The week before my Port Talbot dock comeback saw me dust off the cobwebs at Newport Morgans ponds coming last in this once prolific silver fish venue. Now these days the ponds are full of F1 Hybrids and needing 30-50lb bags of feeder caught fish to frame. However Port Talbot Dock is just up my street full of Skimmers and roach. The two day May Festival saw most anglers catch double figure weights of skimmer bream and the first day saw me come second with 33lb of feeder caught fish. Winner on the Day was the new star of South Wales “Steve (Bag-up) Shaw” with 37lb. The next day I drew next to Steve (Bag-up) and a great match evolved with fish for fish battle with Bag-up Steve catching slightly better quality ending with 53lb to my 41lb With Steve and me coming away first and second respectfully over the two day festival.   

Drawing peg 95 under the Belmont Bridge was a bitter sweet experience. Due to the  cold winter  freeze with no sun to warm the peg I was frozen to the core.  Last time I drew this pag I weighed in 44lb of prime roach to finish 3rd. However this time the river was low and clear and very cold. Starting with bread flake I caught a roach and a chub with my very first 2 cast.  Then struggling for just a couple of roach and dace. Th match was 3 1/2 hours  and the last half hour I caught a dace almost every chuck on the feeder, casting across the far bank.  Weighing in 6lb 8oz Just outside the Section placing.

Going back to Twyford Farm on the Warwickshire Avon (Evesham) was like turning the clock back 15 years. Old faces and new saw the 32 anglers struggle. With the same pegs turning up any fish. Top peg 123 saw the winner with 13b of chublets. Peg 1 and 3 on the Island saw the next weights of 11lb and 10lb The rest of the field struggled. However with a barbel coming off peg 98.  I drew a fancied peg 110 and finished 6th in the match with 4lb 6oz, mainly perch, just missing out by 2oz for the section. (See whats on)

After a long lay off from match fishing I returned to fish the Last round of the South West Super league. Bristol Avon Newbridge below Bath. Our team Cardiff Nomads were holding up the rest of the division. Drawing peg 49 just above the old bream pegs (55)  The river was low and clear. Using my Hemp and maggot approach which failed to respond. With 2 hours left I set a waggler up and fished mid river.  After a few cast I started to catch a roach a chuck in mid water on loose fed maggot. Ending up with 7lb just out side the money.

After a 4 week lay off from fishing Matches I returned to one of my favourite rivers, The Wye at Belmont, Hereford. The Charity Match run bye Hereford AC saw a full turn out of 130 anglers.  Drawing permanant peg 90 opposite the Boat House. I caught small Chub a chuck for the first two hours. Using My favourite Loafer and Bread Flake I caught 30lb 10oz winning my section.

With the latest Winter League match at Port Talbot Docks coming after the xmas closure of the steel works, the temperature dropped and the fish become dormant.  One angler caught a sea fish a small mullet on the inside with just a few minutes to go. Steve Ayres from Bridgend picked up all the prize money including all the sections and winner take all. £350

Another section pick up at Port Talbot Dock with a very low weight due to the closure over the xmas period.  A winning weight of just 3lb 8oz I managed 1lb 12oz of roach and Perch

I love winning sections by default. This time on Port talbot Dock Cardiff. Steve Shaw won the match with 33lb of skimmers, lucky enough he was in my section so I picked up the section money with 19lb of skimmers and roach.

Drawing Peg 82 must be a bad omen. After drawing this peg now three times (Twice last year) It must be the worst draw below the Bridge ever. Weighing in 4lb 6oz beating them around me, alas the Trees above the bridge produced the section winners.  After winning the event last year our team Nomads did'nt make the top ten.

The first of the winter league series held on Port Talbot Dock in South Wales. Produced some mixed catches with the lower numbers  normally the best area fishing poor.  Caerphilly angler Ron Jones won from the high number 20 with 44lb of skimmers. I caught 21lb just missing out by 1oz for section money to match organiser Doug Hornblow. 

Probably the best river in the UK and Belmont section being full of roach at  the moment. However in the Winter League you still have to draw around the bridge and rowing club. With weights of 54lb 51lb and 52lb of roach, making the frame.  I drew my usual crap peg up above the bridge at peg 18. I did manage a days fishing with 10lb 8oz of dace on the boly float.

The River Wye lived up to its reputation as being possibly the best River in the UK this weekend. For those anglers that drew on the hot pegs in the Hereford Winter league saw the roach feed with weights of over 70lb and 60lb and 50lb making the winners frame. I drew peg 63 above the rowing club normally a good area and ended up with 10lb 8oz. However the opposite end of the section was won with 44lb and with backing weights 32lb and 32lb. I suppose that is the luck of the draw.

This weekend saw me fish the annual River Wye Championships. Having become runner up a couple of times in this event, my expectations were high when I drew the Fownhope section 5 miles below Hereford. Knowing the right peg could produce a winning weight. However I drew peg 138 in the caravan section. Having a late run of dace I caught 28lb 2oz to win that section, just 3lb out of the main prize money.

Back to Port Talbot Docks and with the same results as last week with all the major weights coming from the first few pegs.  Steve Eryes winning from peg 3 with 47lb of skimmers. I drew next to last weeks peg, number 12. This time beating Mike Towler and Anthony Hogg (The venue specialists) with a section win of 24lb10oz of skimmers and a few roach. All caught twitching red maggot and worm along the bottom.

Back to Port Talbot Dock. It seems just a few moments ago that I was fishing the Popular Winter series at Port Talbot Dock in South Wales. The start of the this year match, had a mixed response after a pre match fish off. With all the major weights coming from the first few pegs. Rob Jones from Caerphilly won the match with 37lb of skimmers from peg 3. I Drew next to the venue expert Mike Towler Peg 13 and 14. Mike just beating me for the section with 26lb to my 22lb 12oz

The Winter season is back already and the first of the River Wye Series fished on the Belmont section in Hereford started this Sunday. With a good turnout of 12 teams. However with heavy rain over night the River started to rise as we fished. With some anglers struggling the weight we not that bad. 26lb on the tennis courts was the winning weight. I had a good draw Peg 89 opposite the rowing club. After scaling down to  size 20 and single maggot I managed to land three Chub and one Perch for 14lb 12oz and winning my section and 4th overall. Local team Woody’s won the team event and our team Nomads 6th.

Three Chub One Perch 14lb 12oz

Newport Charity Match
It was good to see some old friends at Newport Charity event in aid of Chenoble. Now in its 20th year. Fished on Woodstock Pond with a good entry of 35 anglers, most of the pegs were taken up. Leaving very little room  affecting the weights. I drew peg 17 and ended up with just 2lb of an Eel, 1 roach, 1 rudd, 12 perch, and 1 small mirror Carp

The final South West Super League on the Bristol Avon at Newbridge in Bath saw a mixed result for me. My team Cardiff Nomads are probably not the force they used to be and coming last on the day was a formality. However I finished the League the overall Individual winner with a section second on the day. Using the waggler I caught 7lb 4oz of small chub and a few bleak. Overall the league was a fair and even one and with a 1st and a second and a few section wins I enjoyed them mostly. Looking forward to next year. (If any angler fancies fishing for our team next year please email me for the information

This weekend saw me fish the penultimate practice match for the South West Super League Bristol Avon Newbridge at Bath. Drawing the next peg as last weekend and with the river still running high I opted for swim feeder tactics. Coming second with 16lb 2oz of skimmer bream with an open ended swimfeeder. Caster’s, worms and red maggot. (I hope the river is still high for next week

The South West Super league is now drawing to its conclusion with Bathampton out in front and our team in 3
rd position. Two matches remaining on the Bristol at Newbridge Bath. The practice match saw me draw the straight on the pump house field. The swim was so full of snags I blew out. The first league match saw me draw down in the woods. As I am laying joint 3rd in the individual league I thought I would fish for bleak as the river was carrying extra water. A safe bet I thought, however I only managed 7lb 12oz for third in my section getting beat by 2oz for second.

After a good run of results on the Huntspill Drain in Somerset this summer I returned for one last match. The Huntspill Championships. Drawing a section that hasn’t been fished  before. Winning my section again with 6kilo 400 this time I used knobs of groundbait with my waggler tactics

Having a mixed weekend of Fishing perhaps not one of the Best. Saturday saw me fish the Bristol Avon at Newbridge near Bath.  Having caught 7lb 14oz of roach on the hemp seed just missing out on the prizes. Sunday saw me back at the Huntspill drain This time catching 6 kilo 100g and winning my section again. The biggest
Disappointment was fishing the team event at Evesham festival. Drawing the Isbourne mouth peg I concentrated on the wagg just weighing 2lb 12oz saw me finish last in the section. Bloodworm was the bait for the day and our team Cardiff Nomads finished last and also relagated from the competition. A weekend I would like to forget.

Just fished a few matches on the Huntspill Drain in Somerset. Good turnout due to The Divisional Match being fished there.
Plus our Super League. Winning a section of 30 with 7kilo of waggler caught roach. Following week coming 2nd in The super league with 14lb. 4oz of (Again) Waggler caught roach to hemp and maggot.

2nd this time with 24lb 7 oz of roach and dace on the stick float. Clive Roberts won with 27lb of roach. 3rd Richard cany with 19lb including a 5lb Mullet

With the river Taff in Cardiff fishing so well I managed to catch 20lb 6oz of prime roach in a 3 hour evening matc.  Just beating my team mate Richard Candy who weighed 20lb 5oz Fishing long pole and whip.

My style of Silver fish fishing Paid off at Porth Res Cornwall. Catching 18lb of skimmers to win the Sunday Drennen Super League. Fishing up in the water with a One swan crystal wagger using single red maggot.

Not much to report due to my lack of commercial fishingexperience. I did manage 110lb of f1 carp in a match at Cefn Mably Cardiff. However I could only finish 5th

Well not much has changed since last summer. The commercial fisheries are still being won by the same new faces. Lets hope this year I can get to grips with these artificial fish and fisheries...Keep in touch for my progress

Not much to report lately.  A couple of Section wins on the River Wye a couple of Blanks on the Warwickshire Avon. And with the weather getting colder and Xmas on top I hope  to report my Christmas matches over the festive weekend.

The second round of the Hampton Ferry League on the Warwickshire Avon saw my team Cardiff Nomads into second position with 30 points giving us the overall lead. I picked up section money with 2lb 10oz of small roach, bleak and dace using red squatt and 22 hooks with the river still running down with a colour as the fishing was hard.

This weekend saw me finish 4th on both matches. Picking up prize money twice. Saturday saw me catch 18lb 5oz of skimmers on East Dock Cardiff 1st was Doug Hornblow with 22lb 2nd Richard Candy 21lb 3rd Larry Salter 19lb.
Sunday saw me catching 22lb 1oz of slabs (bream) and a few roach just missing out on 2nd by 7oz with runner up was Shaun Wilson with 22lb 8oz. Winner was Nicky Belcher with 32lb The match fished at Woodstock and Morgans pond Newport raised over £400 for charity with the proceeds going to the kids of chenoble

A good performance this weekend on the first of the Warwickshire Avon league Team championships held at Hampton Ferry. Our team Cardiff Nomads secured 3rd overall with 30 pionts 5  behind Sheakespeare Super team. Individually I came 4th overall with a low weight of 3lb 9oz on waggler caught roach and chubletts.
Sunday saw our team coming last in the Drennan Super League on The Bristol Avon at Newbridge Bath  (See Results)

Sunday saw me catching 10lb 10oz of Hemp seed caught Roach. On East Dock Cardiff. However Doug Hornblow won the sweep with 25lb of bream on the feeder. After a long lay off Shaune Parson of St Mellons came 2nd with 16lb 8oz of Caster caught Roach with a 5meter Whip.

Fishing the river that I first learnt to fish was a great experience and winning on my return after 30 years was icing on the cake. Drawing and end peg is always an advantage and I took this with a winning 17lb of small dace. Using a stick float in mid stream and with only 15” of water I caught not stop through out the 5 hour match.
My 2nd win in two weeks on the River Taff in Cardiff saw me catch 10lb 8oz of Grayling just beating Richard Candy (Cardiff) who also caught 9lb 8oz of Grayling. This time a bagged my fish with stick float and pole tactics.


This weekend saw me fish Newbridge on Bristol Avon (Bath) Having not fished this venue for over two years I expected more of the same as last time I fished with the first two hours of action and the last three hours of sctratching. With 4lb of perch in the net I did not see the local anglers above me go all out for bream in the later part of the match. Relagating me to 4th in the section. (A lesson to learn for the next match this coming weekend)

A good weekend fishing at the Shakespeare Bank holiday extravaganza despite not winning a cockle. Saturday saw me draw a bad peg on the town (peg 10) in the deeps. Weighing in with only 1lb 7oz of waggler caught roach. However beating Dave Harrell one of the organizers was the highlight.
See report

Monday I drew peg 19 on the town a better peg. This was the Team event. With the bottom two teams being relegated for next year we were lucky to survive the drop, just beating the Shakespeare super team by one point. I held my place with a fifth section place catching 4lb 20z of perch on bloodworm.
(See results


This weekend I travelled to the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham Fishing a Shakespeare qualifier match for next weekend Bank Holiday. On my only attempt I secured 2
nd position with the help of a Barbel and a couple of pound of small roach for a weight of 8lb 2oz. Using stick float on a rising river feeding hemp and bronze maggot. (I am in 2 matches now over the Bank Holiday Sat & Mon If you are there don't forget to say hello)
Our Team of misfits
(Left to right- George Avery-Clive Roberts-Richard Candy-Alan Stevens-Me)

This Sunday saw me travel to the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham. After the floods the river has fined down and was looking good.  This was a team Shakespear Qualifing match and with my old team mates Clive Roberts and Richard Candy we teamed up with two local anglers Goerge Avery and Alan Stevens. We all secured good section places and won the match with over 10 points to spare over favourite's Shakespear Team.  I had a 3rd place section on the top of the town water with 4lb 11oz all small roach and dace on the waggler.  (A great match and now looking forward to the Finals on Bank Holiday)

What a difference a change of tatics can make. Coming 4th on the weekend with 40lb of mirror and f1 carp was due to the hard work over the last few months (see last report) Been in the money now in my last three matches lets see next week

As mentioned in my last report (Now a few matches away)  I have I hope just starting to crack the carp fishing match scene. With over a dozen matches fished without a sniff of any prize money except for a few near misses, I finally got into the money with a 2nd place of 81lb6oz small mirror carp bag All caught on a banded hair rig using 8mm hard floating pellet as bait, within the swimfeeder I used fine halibut soft pellet mixed with a few 4mm soft floaters to break up the mix. A sliding hook length of only 3" with a knotless eyed hook facing inwards. (What a difference this type of fishing is! much more technical than I am used too) However trial and error has prevailed. Thursday eve match at Cef Mably S Wales also saw me in the prizes with 36lb 6oz using the same method.  (Watch this space)

For those who remember the close season will know that the transition from winter to summer is the time to reflect. Getting to grips with the commercial fisheries for me is a problem. Over the last few weeks all that I have achieved is a couple of small wins and placing. This week saw me win at Morgan pond Newport with 11lb 14oz of silver fish. Wednesday eve saw me win at Lamby pond Cardiff with 3lb of roach.

The first of the Summer evening matches started this week a a small weight of 8lb 4oz won me the match. Catching 2 carp, 1 hybrid, 1 tench and a few small roach all on my special paste bait.

Well it is back to Summer Carp fishing and I am just getting back into the swing of things. This week saw me coming 6th in the Cefn Mably Open (South Wales) Catching 30lb 4oz of F1 Carp and a few chub on the Feeder with hair rigged corn.

Well after being spiolt with silver fish fishing this winter it was back to Summer Carp fishing. And as usual you have to draw well to do any good in these matches. This bank Holiday weekend saw me fish at the popular Cefn Mably fishery ST Mellons Cardiff. The Saturday match was on the Bridge pond and was won by Local angler Lee Petichio on the open peg number 20 Using pellet and worm he secured a weight of 42lb of mix carp, barbel and chub. I drew in the corner next to the island and caught 20lb of mainly F1carp and chub. The Next day saw me draw on the Match lake again in the corner peg 6. With only a few pounds I did not bother to weigh in. The match was won on the same peg as saturday this time by Shaun Wilson with 52lb of F1 carp

After a twenty year return to Woodstock Pond Newport I did not reconise the venue. With the Island full of trees and over growth it looked a picture postcard. However the fishing has completly changed. Instead of roach, skimmers and tench the venue now has F1 carp, pasties and big bream. Instead of maggots and caster's or bloodworm the prefered bait is pellet and corn. And it was this bait that produced a joint 2nd position for me with 23lb 4oz of small carp (Pasties) Twizel (Newport) was joint with F1 carp and bream. After a long lay  off and 1st on the day was Nick Belcher (Newport)

Mike Towler (Glamorgan Rebels) came good on the last  match of the winter series on Port Talbot Dock with 35lb of quality skimmers. Mike has the knack of catching those bigger fish. By waiting a bit longer for thoe bites I beleive the bigger fish can be caught. However I will have to wait until next season to find out.  2nd was Doug Hornblow who has also just come into form with a 29lb catch 3rd was Clive Roberts who caught 28lb on the pole.  The same method I used on the pole with 24lb.

This weekend match at Port Talbot Dock was more than a blow out, in fact the weather was a gale force wind. The Anglers who used braid line became the winners and as usual Mal Entwistle(The new king of the dock) won the match with 29lb (Next to me) Rob Wiltshire (Caerphilly) 2nd with 21lb and 3d was Doug Hornblow 20lb Rob Wiltshire also won the winter KO series

Its a funny old game matchfishing! After a good run on Port Talbot Dock my luck ran out. Drawing peg 1 a fancy peg that was second last week. I came down to earth with a 5th place having caught only 26lb 14oz. With the dock having a light wind the conditions where ideal for the pole and Doug Hornblow took advantage of this with an easy 39lb win. Mal Entwistle was second with 34lb and old stalwart Mike Towler 3rd with 29lb

With the rivers in flood this weeks match at Port Talbot attracted a few more anglers from the Cardiff Nomads match club.
Drawing the same peg as last week I was very confident in another victory. However with strong winds and rain It took a while to get into my rythem. With Clive Roberts, Doug Hornblow either side and Jim palmer only 1 peg away I started to pull away from them in the second half of the match. Winning with 36lb 10oz and Richard Candy 2nd with 36lb 6oz Alun Davies 3rd with 29lb 10oz

King of the Dock (Who me!)
Having been drawn next to Mike Towler who has the best record on Port Talbot Dock it was the head to head that I wanted. With Doug Hornblow on the other side  was cream on the cake. Now was my chance to show  if my method that I have developed was going to work. In the the first hour Mike was 10 fish ahead of me. However I kept to my method (Which I shall reveal in 4 weeks time when the series ends) At the weigh in Mike ended with 91 skimmers for 37lb and with over 120 skimmers I won the match with 46lb (Winning the silver peg also) Doug on the other side of me caught 38lb for second.  After the match Mike said "We now have a new King of the Dock." " Who me I said!"

After a two week break I fished the popular Port Talbot docks open again last Sunday. Drawing next to Mal Entwistle was the revenge I wanted with me coming on top with 39lb 14oz to Mals 33lb However it was The king of the dock Mike Towler scoring a first place again with 46lb and Rob Wilshire (Caerphilly) with pole method for second 42lb

Mal Entwistle (Glamorgan Rebel match team) Had his revenge this week just beating me with a weight of 12lb2oz to my 11lb 12oz of skimmer bream and roach. The low weights were due to a container ship that arrived after just an hour into the 5 hour competition.

Sun 21 Jan. Strange how one week from another can change, drawing peg 20 on Port Talbot Dock only 2 pegs away from last week saw me win  the competition with  23lb 12oz fishing next to one of the anglers that perhaps is one of the finest angler on the venue Mal Entwistle (Glamorgan Rebel) A close run match with me coming out on top. Mal came third with 17lb

This week end Sun 14th Jan saw me draw peg 18 on the Port Talbot dock. Not a good draw catching 18lb saw me finish out of the frame for the first time in 5 matches

Port Talbot dock is perhaps one of the fairest venues that I know for skimmer fishing. The anglers on form will always frame and the same names will always feature in the prize list. However I could only manage a section win with 20lb 6oz this Sunday

Not quite winning yet! As my new method of fishing for the Port Talbot  Skimmers are proving.  With a net of 21lb coming third in the weekend open.  I shall reveal my methods closer to the end of the season, just so I can win a few more shillings.

Section Win
Drawing the poor end of the Port Tabot Dock this weekend saw me in the prizes again with over 11lb of skimmers. Using the same tatics as last week. (Im just getting used to this venue)

After a few matches just missing out on the prizes at Port Talbot Docks South Wales, I came close to winning the week before Xmas. With a bag of skimmers of 34lb just behind winner Mal Entwistle. Coming second on my 4th visit this season was I feel a good achievement considering some anglers have been fishing their all year.  Catching mainly skimmers with a few roach on swimfeeder tatics and using floating maggots as bait.

Fishing The River Wye at Belmont for my Local Team Cardiff Nomads saw me draw a peg in front of the Scout Hut at Belmont. A nice draw on the day due to the water coming up after a downpour.
Scratching for bleak saw me amass 0ver 500 bleak for a weight of 15lb. Come the weigh-in my main competition was Dave Harrell (Mids) the ex International angler with a good reputation on rivers. The weigh in was close with the needle bouncing on the 15lb mark. As I was weighing first I settled on 15lb. Dave Harrell also had the same with the needle bouncing on the 15lb mark. Except he insisted vocally and put pressure on the scalesman to give him 15lb 2oz. Dave is a keen win at all cost angler! What chances have we! The humble angler got.

After a lay off from fishing due to work commitments I started back this winter with a couple of matches at my local Port Talbot Docks. A great venue with loads of skimmers to be caught. Mostly caught on the feeder although a pole can work well when the wind is calm. My first couple of matches produced 23lb and 20lb respectably.
A team win at last for Cardiff Nomads in the Wye teams of six league (See match Results) with my team member Larry Salter winning from a peg opposite the Hereford Boat House. An all dace catch of 29lb. I could only manage 4th in my section with 6lb of mixed bleak and roach. The river carrying over 5ft of extra water.

Its becoming a habit coming second (But I cant complain) This time at Port Talbot Dock South Wales Perhaps one of the best winter venues in the UK. With warm water fed from the steel works Mike Towler the venue specialist won with 40lb 8oz of skimmer bream, fishing the feeder. While I came second with 33lb of roach and skimmers caught on the pole. 3rd was Doug Hornblow with feeder caught skimmers with 30lb 4oz
2nd this time. Things are getting better for me at Evesham after coming 3rd on the weekend on the Avon I used the same bread punch method and caught over 250 small roach to weigh in 14lb for second place only 9oz behind the winner in the Wednesday Shakespear League
Back at Evesham on the Avon fishing the Fisheasy League Saturday, I had a good days fishing allthough the weather was freezing conditions I caught 10lb 14oz of Roach and chub on Punch Bread. And a couple of maggot caught Chub and perch.  Winning my section and coming 3rd overall.

Sunday fishing the River Wye at Belmont saw more than half of the field Blanking including myself
Saturday saw me finishing second on the Taff feeder with four big chub and a bream for 16lb 9oz. The winner for the second time running was Giles Cochrain with 18lb 4oz
The Warwickshire Avon at Evesham was 12" on and still rising on the Wednesday Shakespear League and with a second in the section the match before I was hoping to go one better. However the bleak did not feed so after switching to Lob worm with an hour to go I hooked and got snapped by two big fish which would have won me the match. (Thats fishing!)
With the river Wye still holding  extra water the Wye Championships saw a tumble in weights. Drawing peg 37 on belmont was not the best of draws. However I set my stall out for bleak and won my section with 25lb 4oz
The Weather is affecting results laterly with wind and plenty of rain making rivers and some venues producing low weights. However Our team Sensas Cardiff Nomads secured 3rd place on the second round of the Evesham Fisheasy League with Robin Darker and Giles Cochrain coming second in there sections. Wednesday saw me pick up a section win on the Warwickshire Avon Evesham with nearly 4lb of bleak on the Shakeapear Individual League.
A couple of lean weekends without picking any prizes up. The start of the Hereford River Wye Matches saw me finish in 3rd place in section with 11lb 10oz of bleak. While finishing 5th in my section on the Warwickshire Avon Evesham with 2lb 8oz  of waggler caught gudgeon and roach. Sunday saw me well beaten by Howard green at Whitesprings who weighed 78lb to my 9lb
Just missing out on the Welsh National Championships Switching to the pole after two hours on the feeder saw me catch 40lb 6oz of skimmers and roach (Should have changed quicker Thats match fishing) My team loosing out to rebels by one point
Welsh National Championships Results,
Port Talbot Docks. Sun. 54. Mal Entwhistle (Sensas Rebels) 45-12-0, skimmers, crumb feeder, red maggots; John Munkley (Sensas Nomads B) 41-3-0; Clive Branson 40-6-0; John Taylor (Glamorgan AC) 39-7-0.
This weekend saw me fishing Port Talbot Dock. Practice matches for the for coming Welsh National next week. Saturday I fished the wrong method using Pole to hand to catch 22lb of roach and skimmers while all the winning method was feeder for skimmers, Sunday I switched to the feeder catching 45lb of skimmers for second place, while Venue specialist Mike Towler notched up another win with 60lb. Thankfully Mike won't be fishing next week . Lets hope the team (Sensas Nomads) can secure a National victory which has eluded them for a few years. Let you know next week.
Almost a disaster for our team Sensas Cardiff on Sunday at the Drennen Super league King sedgemoore drain I caught 6lb 10oz for third in my section. However the team slumped to last but two with 47 points just holding on for second to qualify the KO round. (See Results)
Saturday saw A good match at Hendre Lake Cardiff. Fishing my favourite method "Waggler" 21lb of roach just behind match winner Richy Candy with 23lb
The practice match for the next Drennan Super League to be held on the King Sedgemoore Drain was a bit disappointing with expectations of large weights disappearing. I drew peg 46 midway along. Catching small skimmers and roach on 9meter pole soon dry up, the last ¾ of an hour I switched to the waggler and started to catch again leaving feeding fish in the peg is a nightmare. Ending up with 3kilo 100 gram just missing out on section and not far behind the main frame. Lets see what happens next weekend!

A reversal of fortune again (funny thing match fishing) After coming 2nd on the tuesday warm up-match on the Bristol Avon at Newbridge for the Super League 5th round  I caught 22lb of roach to hand thinking I got it worked out come the Sunday match proper I drew peg 48 and caught 2lb 10oz coming last in my section. The good thing though is our team Sensas Cardiff Nomads still hung on to 2nd place and with one match to go  on the King Sedgemoore drain we are 17 points clear of the next team
Another section win for the Shakespear qualifier peg 38 ferry 3lb 10 oz of gudeon on the bread punch.

Two section wins on a trot on the Wednesday Evesham Wychavon Qualifier fishing the waggler I drew on peg 5 in the town finishing with 5lb 4oz on the first week then drawing peg 27 town I caught 4lb 6oz
Funny how things change after winning the match the week before on the Gloucester Canal I could only manage one perch in the next warm up match. The match proper I drew a just off the noted bend area of Hemstead, so after a blank one and a half hours I decided to go for a few bleak, ending up with 4lb of the little things, coming 4th in my section. Our Team Sensas nomads coming 5th overall but managing to hold on to second place 22 points behind Thatchers and 6 in front of Nobbys.

Back with a win on the warm up practice match for the next round of the South West Super League. The Gloucester canal at Hempstead. Fishing an open ended groundbait feeder to the far ledge I caught 3 Slabs and a few skimmers for a winning total of 11lb 1oz

Disappointed with a last but one in my section (weighing 8oz) in the Latest South West Super league on the Kennet and Avon canal. However my team Cardiff Sensas Nomads came 4th and still holding 2nd place behind Thatchers

Just finished our domestic summer league on Hendre Lake with a third place of 10lb 7oz of roach on the waggler and finishing 3rd overall. Winner was Mike Ares. 2nd was Stan Crowley

Great days fishing the waggler on Porth Res in Devon
4th in the South West super league with 23lb 6oz of skimmers fishing up in the water and using my favourite method, "the waggler"
A good win using Paste up in the water
White Springs,
Pontarddulais, Match Lake. Wed.15. Clive Branson (Sensas Nomads) 61-4-0 small carp and bream on pole and maggots over pellets fished to the island from peg 16. Jeff Walker (Llandeilo) 45-12-0; Chris Murphy (Bargoed) 25-0-0.
Two on a trott as I won the latest Tuesday evening series with a hard fought 7lb 2oz of skimmers and roach. Battling against a heavey wind I caught most of the fish on a 3.5 meter whip 2nd was  Stan Crowley with 6lb8oz and 3rd was Clive Roberts with 5lb 9oz

Saturday saw me finishing with a 3rd place at Duffryn Springs with a small bag of roach and perch with 6lb 8oz 2nd on the day was Richard Candy and first was Clive Roberts with 8lb 14oz


Tuesday last week 20/05/05 was my start back to my match fishing season and started with a win at Duffryn springs fishery South Wales in the Tuesday evening league series.  Drawing the end peg (still drawing well) I set out my stall for small skimmers on the long pole using fish pellets and red maggots on the hook. I kept a steady stream of small fish coming to the net for a total weight of 10lb 8oz winning from Richard Candy (Cardiff) who had 9lb

Been busy fishing lately so Im a bit behind in my reports! However I shall keep this brief. After completing the Tues eve series with the last four matches on Hendre Lake St Mellons Cardiff, I was overall winner with 32 penalty points, 2nd with a late drive was Clive Roberts with 34 points and third just beating Stan Crowley was Mike Ayres with 36 points. The last four matches saw me finishing 2nd on first match with 12lb 8oz of small roach, second match I was 3rd with 10lb 4oz of perch and roach. Third match I was fourth with 7lb of roach and the final match I was third with 8lb.

The last two Wednesday evening matches on Lamby way Newport has seen me win both matches. Last week I won with 8lb 10oz of chub on the top of the water, and this week saw me catch more chub with a bonus carp for 17Lb 2oz second was Richard Candy with 12lb 12oz

A good run for me at the moment with a 2nd place on White Springs fishery near Swansea in South Wales. A win at east Dock Cardiff in the Nomads evening series followed by another second place the following week. I am now leading the evening series with four matches to go all at Hendre Lake Cardiff. Keep in touch I will let you know how Im getting on.

SECOND again!! This time I was fishing the Viaduct fishery in Somerton West of England, this was a saturday marm up match for the South West Super league. Having a great days fishing catching 64lb 10oz of carp useing the waggler float method and caster as bait

My fishing this last couple of weeks have been good yet so frustrating, I have been second in the last four competitions. 2nd on East dock with 12lb 4oz of small skimmers having the Golden peg which was worth over £100 losing out to Clive Roberts who weighed 12lb 14oz. I was Second again on Lamby way with a low weight of 4lb 10oz of small roach. Second again at East dock Cardiff with 12lb and beaten this time by Doug Hornblow with 13lb 2oz. In the mid-week evening  Cardiff Nomads series I was second with 18lb 6oz of carp caught in the margins useing Luncheon meat as bait, !st wasAllen Davies with 22lb.

This Week-end 4/05/03 Saw me back in the Winners Place with a good net of small roach and skimmers from East Dock Cardiff 11lb 7oz Second was Richy Candy with 10lb 8oz

Last week saw me miss out on the main prize list with a 3rd on East Dock Cardiff with 6lb 12oz of small skimmers and a second place at Lamby Way Cardiff mid-week matches with 9lb of small carp and roach.

This weekend 19/04/03 saw me winning the first of the season matches on East Dock in Cardiff S Wales. A brilliant small fish fishery, with 10lb 13oz of small skimmers on the pole I managed to keep Shaun Williams (Caerphilly Anglers) in Second place with 9lb 12oz

This weekend 12/04/03 was a tale of two matches with a difference. Saturday saw me fishing the local fixture at Hazeldene ponds S Wales. After an overnight frost the fishing was poor. Doug Hornblow from (Tonypandy) won with 5lb 4oz of small skimmer's 2nd was John Monkly (Cardiff) 5lb 3oz and I finished 3rd with 1lb 3oz. Sunday I was back to Port Talbot Docks S Wales. Perhaps one of the best fisheries in the UK, Mal Entwistle (Glamorgan) the venue specialist won again with 43lb 9oz of skimmers useing feeder tatics 2nd was Jim Palmer 43lb 3oz. I won my section with 26lb 1oz.

This weekend 29/03/03 saw me fishing two venues. The first was on Hendre lake in St Mellons Cardiff. Run by the Nomads club, the fishing was not as good as expected. Shuan Wilson from Caerphilly won the match with one bream and some small roach for 7lb 1oz. I finished joint 3rd with 1lb 3oz of small roach caught on the waggler. Sunday saw me fishing a new water down in Pontadawe S Wales. White springs, I had a great days fishing on a 5meter pole breaking down. Useing caster I ended up with 14 1oz for fourth place, my fishing mate Clive Roberts won with 19lb 4oz useing the same tatics, he also won the golden peg and pocket £450

Clive Roberts  My Mate Clive Roberts

This week  Saw me fishing the Port talbot Docks South Wales. A great venue with loads of skimmer bream, however this week was a poor event with only 8lb 12oz winning (Allan Davies Nomads) I was second with 5lb 12oz of which I caught at long range 50+yards on feeder tatics.

Another section win for me this week. With a weight of 7kilo 6oog on the King Sedgemore drain in Somerset. This was a practice match for the coming winter league. drawing peg 3 I was told it was a good roach area, so setting my stall with long pole and rod & line waggler. I only started to catch when the drain run off. Letting the sluice gates go at 1pm saw me catch a roach a chuck fishing a running dragging waggler.

Sunday saw me fishing at the Huntspill drain down in Somerset fishing the winter League. Fishing the waggler 20 meters out I laced in about 4pints of hemp seed and caught on and off all match with bronze and red maggot. Finishing with over 6lb of roach helping me to a section win. After coming last, last match our team the nomads allsorts came second this time pulling us up to mid division.

A great days fishing at Port Talbot South Wales with over 28lb of skimmers you would think that was enough to win. However it only managed 5th place. It was the first time I have fished this venue after hearing about this great venue that is over 32ft deep in places and fed with warm water from the steel works. Top weight on the day was 48lb 2nd was 42lb third was 26lb

Just started to catch a few fish lately. Mostly small stuff, however Im getting close to my old winning ways. Latest match was a Super league final of the West Division. fishing on the Sharpness Canal (Gloucester canal) at hempstaed. Last time I fished this venue I won the Xmas Open with over 6lb of small roach, beating kim Milsom the English International angler from a nearby swim. This time however the venue has changed a little bit with skimmers now taking the top prize money. I started the match on the tip, yet this only produced a few twitches. As soon as I went on the pole at 11 meters, it produced a nice roach of 8oz followed by a small bootlace (eel.) It was not untill the last hour of the five hour match I decided to go for bleak on the surface. As the section I was in was fishing poor, I thought a few silver bleak would put some more points in the bag. In fact I caught over 40 fish to give me a total of 2lb 3oz finishing just 1oz from the section prize.