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Celtic Cup 2013 Bron Eiffion, North Wales.

ABC Baits Youth Team Wales have just returned from a very successful Celtic Cup fished over the weekend of 10th & 11th August against Scotland & Ireland at Bron Eiffion fishery in North Wales. The team consisted of Carragan Parry, Kristian Jones, Mike Rough, Ellis Driscoll, Shane Lee, Cellan Wilkins, Rhys Ellis & Mitchell Weaver..

The team arrived at the fishery on the Wednesday for three days practice prior to the two day competition. During the practice days all eyes were on each other trying to guess what approach each nation would use. Under the management of Ian Driscoll & Richie Parry Team Wales formulated a team plan aimed at targeting the vast shoals of roach & Skimmers with the aim of also catching odd bonus big Carp & F1s, a plan that would be tested by the very experienced team from Scotland and the well organised team of Ireland. Going into Day 1 the team felt we had a good chance after drawing favoured Peg 1. After 4hrs of intense matchfishing Wales trailed Scotland by 1point, with section wins for Ellis Driscoll, Kristian Jones & Cellan Wilkins.

 DAY 2 and this is where the practice sessions kicked in, after the Carp had only been caught in some sections Wales decided to target Roach & Skimmers in the sections where they had been absent. This plan worked brilliantly with poor section pegs transformed into winning pegs. After another intense 4hrs of matchfishing Wales came out on top with four section winners and three section seconds. eventually winning overhaul by 3points.

1st Wales

2nd Scotland

3rd Ireland



Ellis Driscoll..

Youth Team Wales...
This is a report following Ellis festival win in the recent White Acres Junior Drennan international Festival.,

Day 1..

The Draw.. (Trelawny)
On the first day it was Trelawny and with having had a practice on the lake the day before on what i thought would be the hardest section i knew it would be hard due to the cold weather.
There were a few area's that i fancied.
At the draw i was happy after Drawing peg 23 what some called the f1 bay and i had a great chance of winning my section and also the lake, but to win my section i'd have to work hard to beat the angler on peg 20.

At White Acres in these festival's they have a strict rule of bait your allowed at your peg it consists of..
8 pint's of bait... ( No more than 4 pints of a single bait )
1 kilo of worm..
2 kilo of g/bait
So with drawing peg 23 i went to prepare my bait.. The bait i prepared consisted of..
1 kilo of ABC's betain green CP70 method mix
1 unit of micro pellet
2 unit's of 4mm pellet's
1 unit of 6mm pellet's ( and that was as much pellet as aloud )
1 unit of castor's
i also had a backup plan of fishing meat short
2 unit's of 6mm cut meat
and then you had your hook-bait's separate such as expander's
Also the kilo of worm your aloud

I started my match with feeding half a pot of Dampened 4mm pellet's and a few hooker's at 13m which would be my main approach I also fed 1 short line with meat and 1 line down the side with chopped worm..
I started on my short 6m line and had 5 quick fish.
This line soon died and i had a quick look down the side with chopped worm with me only getting little bit's i came straight of it.
It was time to have a look on the long 13m line with a 6m pellet feeding 4m's through a catty after an hour i had counted 25 f1's and thought i was doing okay.. I could see the angler on peg 20 catching quickly against the island and figured i'd need alot of f1's as he was getting bigger stamp fish, Now and again i was having a look on my meat line and having odd fish but not regular enough i figured the long line was the main line and stuck on that just pinging over the top i went back on the long line and with another quick 10 fish i was looking good for the section. With peg 20 slowing up and with me putting fish in the net i was looking good.. The all out sounded and i had a fish on at the whistle "10 minutes to land it said dad". i got it in and had 40 odd fish for a weight of 42lb 8oz enough to win my section and be second on the lake.

Day 2..

The Draw..
Jenny's lake was day 2, after my section win yesterday i hoped for the other section winer's to blow-out i was lieing 2nd out of 19 i knew what to expect on the lake from results the previous week .It seemed there were a handful of peg's you could do well from. I drew peg 15 jenny's a good open water peg and with drawing in the same section as other section winners from the previous day i had to beat them.

Today with there being a good stock of tench and f1's i just decided to take mainly worm and caster aproach and a down the side meat and corn line my bait consisted of..
1 kilo of worm
2 unit's of castors
1 unit of meat
1 unit of corn
1 kilo of ABCs betain green CP70 method mix

At the start of the match i fed just over half a pot of chopped worm and caster at 13m and went straight over the top of it. With me getting odd fish and other people struggling i was doing okay but with it slowing on me, i fed again and had a chuck on the method and got 3 f1's in 3 chuck's 10 minutes later and with no bites i went back on the worm line, at this point i was getting a tench or a decent skimmer a chuck and caught steady through-out from that point and was confident about having my section win again. The all out sounded and i had 28lb to beat i had weighed in and a weight of 34lb 4oz and another section win i was the only one to win my section on both day's and with an overall weight of 79lb 6oz and maximum 10 points i was the 2013 white acres junior drennan international champion!!!

Welsh Juniors Win Celtic Cup (Wales V Scotland)

Left to Right: Rhys Owain Edwards, Ryan Wilcock, Ryan Hughes,James Clay-Evans, Matthew Powell, Matty Dawes, Liam Parry. Martin powell (Team Manager), John Cooper

The Juniors Celtic Cup was fished out at Bron Eifion over the weekend of the 31st of July. The select eight for the match were, Jonathan Cooper, Cwm Celyn (A Section), Rhys Edwards, Holyhead (B section) Matthew Powell, Buckley AA (C section) James Clay Evans, Holyhead (D section) Ryan Wilcock, Buckley AA (E section) Matty Dawes, Airbus (F section) Ryan Hughes, unattached (G section) and Liam Parry, Airbus (H section).

Saturday turned out a bit of a nightmare with very little learnt on the day. The fish weren't feeding and a game plan could not be put together... A chat after the practice and with the Scottish crew left us feeling more positive as we had beaten Scotland on weight in the practice in at least 4 sections, however, not enough for a positive win.

Sunday came and it was decided that we were going to stick with our game plan and fish worm and black shallow, however, were going to introduce a small amount of groundbait into it, just to kick-start the fish feeding. This seemed to work well as Wales were well ahead after the first hour, easily winning six the match progressed it was clear that Jonathan Cooper of Cwm Celyn was not going to be caught and had built up a clear advantage over his section mate, Scott McCauley and in fact the rest of the field. The other sections remained tight; however, Wales were confident of three sections on the dam.

The final analysis however saw Wales win all four sections on the Dam with wins for Jonathan Cooper, Rhys Edwards, Matthew Powell and James Clay Evans. Wales' fifth section and a Celtic Cup win came from Matty Dawes, picking up his first home international cap and a section win off F section.

the final score was Wales 5 sections to Scotland's 3 sections, with Wales retaining the Celtic Cup.

England U18s World Championships - St Justa, River Sorraia, Portugal 25th & 26th July 2009

In extreme conditions of 38C the England U18s team finished in 5th placing this year in the World Championships. The venue had changed dramatically from three years ago when they won a bronze medal on the waggler. This years match was dominated by the pole with mullet and barbel being the main species,

U18s Team results:

1st Italy 33.5 pts
2nd France 36 pts
3rd Serbia 41 pts
4th Portugal 42 pts
5th England 49 pts

U22s Team results:

1st – Portugal 16.5 pts – 20.170kg
2nd – Italy 19.0 pts – 15.350kg
3rd – Holland 26.0 pts – 20.280kg
4th Hungary 29.5 pts – 17.900kg
5th Germany 29.5 pts – 15.430kg
6th England 32.0 pts – 10.970kg


We are delighted to announce the results of a highly successful 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships.
The Individual Winners are:
Gold Medal Winner - Ian Barr England
Silver Medal Winner - Donald Thom Canada
Bronze Medal Winner - Christian Jadoyille Belgium
Gold Medal Winner - Ian Barr England
Silver Medal Winner - Donald Thom Canada
Bronze Medal Winner - Christian Jadoyille Belgium

The Team Results are:
1st Position - England 2nd Position - France 3rd Position - Scotland

Mark Downes and Steve Sanders, Joint Youth Team Managers have named their respective U22’s and U18’s teams to travel to Portugal to compete in the World Championships on 25th – 26th July 2009.

The two venues will both be difficult this year, with the hosts Portugal being the team to beat.
Mark Downes said "Steve and I have been to both the venues before, both are on the River Sorraia , Corouche, which we fished some 10 years ago and Santa Justa which Steve took his U18’s team to just two years ago. Both will be Waggler dominated venues with Barbel being the predominant species."

The U22’s team is:

Cameron Hughs - Kamasan Starlets
Calum Dicks - Daiwa Dorking
Eric Yeomans - Shakespeare
Rick Hines - Saints
Jonn Taylor - Sensas Mark 1
Alex Bates - Sensas Mark 1

The U18’s team is:

Matt Godfrey - Maver Barnsley
Matt Derry - Fox Tipton Match
Danny Huxley - Doncaster
Connor Barlow - Garbolino NW
Daniel Hall - Sensas Mark 1

Mark Downes added "We have two really strong teams with plenty of experience, I am sure we will be well represented on the podium this year "

I have attached two photos of catches my son James Green has had this summer.
The carp was 36lb James spent a week on a lake in the south of France before landing this one.
The Pike was 23 1/2 lb, James caught this one in France.Just a proud dad sharing his pride in his sons catch. Pete Green



My name is Sean Davies, I am 13 years old and I live in Maesteg in Mid-Glamorgan. When I was away camping two weeks ago in Bridgewater, Somerset I caught this 18Ib Mirror Carp. It took me 20 minutes to land it and I used a cube of Luncheon meat for bait.

Thanks and regards Sean.

Young Thomas Baker from Tredegar Gwent had a nice 8 1/2lb Mirror (attached)
from the House pool on luncheon meat from Nine Oaks Fishery, Oakford near Aberaeron

Can You Help? believe in taking junior sport seriously.

We aim to provide information and news to kids, coaches, parents and grandparents about a wide range of junior and youth sports across the UK. We want to publish your news, stories, events information, pictures, in fact anything to do with the junior sports scene.

Perhaps you represent a governing body with some important news for juniors, or maybe your club has a rising star? Has your company developed a great new piece of sports equipment for the youth market, or maybe you have news about funding or government policy?

Contact us now with your junior sports information and news. We cannot guarantee publication and the views expressed in published items may not reflect the opinions of


Whizzo Youth Classic 2003 Match Fishing is safe!
This was the opening line, from Match co-organisor Chris Durrant, at the Whizzo Youth Classic?s presentation held at Risby Park near Hull on Saturday 23rd August.
The Classic is a team of six event, fished over 2 four hour matches. Teams are allowed one bank runner/coach to keep them up to date with the teams progress, provide refreshments or extra bait. The only other people allowed on the bank are the stewards and the press. Previously held at Moorlands Farm, this is the first year at Risby Park?s Folly Lake which sports 12 metres between pegs, an elevated spectator viewing area, café and toilets.
This years teams consisted of ; Team Wales, Team Yorkshire, Scunthorpe GHOF, Sadjas Whizzo Gold, Sadjas Whizzo Black.
Ten minutes into the match saw all six anglers in section A landing fish. Yorkshires Andy Geldart on A3 immediately got into the rhythm and never looked back, his long pole short line performance was nothing short of ?Slick?. The youngest angler on the day was 10 year old Sadjas Whizzo Black?s Connor Barlow  Connor handled the long pole with remarkable ease and went on to put 11lb 10oz on the scales in the morning event and an amazing 20lb in the afternoon event almost doubling the weigh of some of his section competitors who are twice is age.
At the end of four busy hours the weigh in revealed that Team Yorkshire had kept to task and won 4 out of six sections and second in the remaining two for an almost unbeatable 28 points out of 30. Second after the morning event was Sadjas Whizzo Gold with 23 points with a steep drop to Scunthorpe 14pts, Team Wales 14pts and Sadjas Whizzo Black with 11pts.
Individual morning results:
Andy Geldart-Team Yorkshire 55lb Alan Rutherford-Sadjas Gold 46lb 8oz Mathew Osborne-Team Yorkshire 35lb 2oz

After a two hour break-Rump steak and salad, team captains went back into the draw bag to seal their teams fate. Andy (dipper) Geldart drew one peg away from his morning glory, putting his team in a confident mood for another section win and repeat performance. Next up was Sadjas Whizzo Gold?s captain Matt Snape, these lads had their work cut out for them but had every chance of winning if they could keep their section points high and hope for a couple of low results for Team Yorkshire. Drawn on the next peg to Yorkshire the next four hours was a nail biting fish for fish battle on every section. Section A was been taken apart by Andy Geldart, who went into turbo drive to put an excellent 79lb 8oz on the scales and a maximum 5 points for the team. Like a true captain Sadjas Gold?s Matt Snape didn?t go down without a fight and managed 40lb 6oz and third place behind scunthorpes Alex Shephardson on 41lb. Section E was certainly in the bag for Sadjas Gold?s Alan Rutherford with a repeat performance of the morning event with 47lb 4oz and more than double the weight of Team Yorkshire?s Shaun Kearsley?s 22lb 8oz second place.
Section F was a battle between Sadjas Gold?s Craig Ebbrell and Team Wales Lee Bevan.
As each section was weighed the team coaches eagerly jotted down weights and points while junior bank runner Thomas Durrant ferried the weigh slips back to the café so his mum could input the figures into her laptop.
With only section F to weigh every team stood to loose or gain by every ounce, Each weigh counted and would ultimately affect the points table for every team.!
?.the air was silent.
First up was James Maguire-Sadjas Whizzo Black 32lb 8oz . Next was Matthew Osborne-Team Yorkshire 22lb 8oz. Both of these where superb weights from swims that failed to break the 10lb mark in the morning event. Next was Craig Ebbrell-Sadjas Whizzo Gold 53lb 4oz. On the bank estimates put Sadjas in the lead by 1 or 2 points but no-one knew what Scunthorpe?s Richard Tuxford had on peg F4 or whether Team Wales Lee Bevan had beat Criag from F5. The scales tipped at 27lb 8oz for Richard and 45lb for Lee. Sadjas Whizzo Gold had pulled back and leaped forward by 4 points to take the winners trophy with a brilliant 50 points ahead of team Yorkshire?s 46 points. Wales had put a great fight for 30 points and third place on a venue that they had only viewed on a web site while Sadjas Whizzo Black the team that sported the youngest competitor in Connor Barlow scored a respectable 29 points just ahead of Scunthorpe on 25.
Individual Afternoon results;
Andrew Geldart Team Yorkshire 79lb 8oz

Craig Ebbrell Sadjas Whizzo Gold 53lb 4oz
Alan Rutherford Sadjas Whizzo Gold 47lb 4oz
At the end of the day everyone went home a champion. The ability on the bank was matched only by the sportsmanship off the bank, to see the Yorkshire team each individually congratulate the Sadjas Whizzo Gold team at the end of a long day made it all worthwhile for me as a sponsor.
Kevin Webster
Whizzo Groundbaits




Anchor Tackle for their generous donation of Quickshot for all competitors.
Anthony Clappison and Family, for a superb venue and great grub. We?ll be back.
Chris Durrant and family, for all their efforts and enthusiasm, and Chris?s hourly update on the PA system.
All the stewards, Team coaches and weigh men.
And finally a special thanks to the all the teams and their supporters who proved that Match fishing can be a great spectator sport.

Anyone wanting to enter a team for next years event can contact me on 01482 586566 working hours or email
The date is yet to be fixed but should be around the first week of September. There will be room for 10 teams of 6, first come first served.



his weekend 6th July saw me present some trophys to the kids of Neath and Port Talbot
S Wales. Organised by Social Services Chris Haniford with the help of  The 
Enviroment Agency and Local Tackle shops

Rowley Family
11 year old Anthony Rowley from Cardiff caught 6 dog fish 9lb 12oz in the Swansea Sea Competition which saw him finished 2nd to his Father Mike who won with 10 dog fish for 14lb

Government's Plan for Sport Announced
The government has released details of the new UK plan for sport, a strategy for improving sports facilities and resources across the country.


Gareth Boycott (16) of Newport Gwent is a match angler to watch for the future, He out fished many senior anglers when he fished South wales Cefn Mably Lakes. Winning the Sunday open with 52lb 9oz net of carp, chub, and roach. Fishing the horse-shoe lake with the pole.

Gold & Silver for Junior British Sea Anglers

British Juniors took medals in both the team and individual classes at the World Championships which were recently held in Madeira. Thomas Wells, aged 15, who can regularly be found fishing on Deal Pier, took the Junior Individual Gold Medal.The Junior British Sea Angling Team, brought home the "Team" Silver medal.