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Due to reasons out of Angling-News control, we have lost the last six months updates. If you have any news or links to submit please re-submit them now to clive@angling-news.co.uk

*****Press Release*****

"Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing" to teach a new generation Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing by Bernard Venables is one of the best selling, best loved angling books of all time, a book that appeals to millions not because of its angling instructional content but simply because it conveys so brilliantly the essential joys of fishing. (Note 1) Now through a unique initiative put together by the publishers of a 50th anniversary celebration edition of the book a £3.33 donation will go into training schemes for youngsters run by the National Federation of Anglers (NFA) and the Salmon and Trout Association (S&TA). Last year these courses, which are approved by Sport England, introduced more than 4000 youngsters to angling. (Note 2)

The donations from the sales of "Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing" will be "ring fenced" for future training courses, so for the modest outlay of £10.00 (plus £1.50 p&p), you can not only enjoy this wonderful book, but help secure the future of angling by introducing youngsters to the joys of fishing. Bernard Venables is still very much alive and fishing despite being in his nineties. He was helping at an NFA training day this summer, and was so inspired by the children's enthusiasm that the idea was hatched to use his book to raise funds to help run even more courses. "Mr Crabtree is not only about teaching fishing" said Bernard "its about teaching the three guiding principals that have governed my angling life - respect for the fish, respect for the environment and respect for the spirit of angling." To buy a copy simply ring the hotline number below quoting the reference code for your chosen training fund - NFA for the National Federation of Anglers or - S&TA for the Salmon and Trout Association and you will be acquiring a piece of angling history as well as investing in the future of fishing. How to order : Telephone hotline: 0207 526 2328 Fax : 020 7371 0473 Post : Map Marketing Ltd 92 - 104 Carnwath Road London SW6 3HW (Enclosing a cheque for £10.00 plus £1.50 p&p) For further information on training days for youngsters telephone;NFA coarse fishing 01283 734735 S&TA game fishing 0207 283 5838


The captor of Britain's biggest barbel of 17lb 10oz caught in late season by Trevor Wilson will not be counted as a record. The British Fish Committee rules state that any fish must be hooked and played by one person only. Trevor who caught the huge wisker from the Great Ouse at Adams Mill was helped by another angler when the fish got stuck in an undergrowth snag. Trevor went wading to release the monster and inveterately broke the rules.


Britain's Barbel record was smashed by Guy Robb from Buckingham this week. From the prolific Great Ouse in Bedfordshire. The wisker monster 17lb 6oz 12dr was caught on a special paste, after a ten minute battle.


The close season on Britains network of canals has finally been abolished, after years of debate the Government has decided that twelve months fishing on canals has no detrimental affect on wildlife.


Conclusive proof by the AE watchdog that cormorants are damaging inland fisheries will now rubber stamp recommendations for fishery managers to shoot the troublesome birds. The government will recommend issuing licences to fishery managers through the Environment agency.


Licensed Salmon Netsmen are to give rod anglers a chance of catching fresh run Spring Salmon and reduce the pressure on vulnerable Scottish Stocks. Over forty netsmen have voluntarily agreed to postpone the start of their season, allowing more Salmon upstream to spawn and leaving more fish for the rod angler.


THE troubled Carp Society has cancelled its Spring Conference. Britain's biggest single species group, with over 4,000 members, has axed the annual show that was due to take place at Kempton Park Racecourse on Saturday, April 8.

Australian mining firm Esmeralda Exploration Blamed for Cyanide leak!!

Hungary and Yugoslavia have blamed the plant for a leak of cyanide which they say has killed hundreds of tonnes of fish in the Tisza and Danube rivers. The Romanian Environment Ministry said the cyanide had reached the reservoir of the Iron Gates hydroelectric plant on the Danube below Belgrade and was moving downstream at 3km (two miles) per hour. "As a precaution, steps have been taken to ban the use of water from the Danube for drinking and household use, as well as to ban fishing in the Danube," said a ministry statement.


Eion Henderson (42) from Swinderby Garth, Hull was fined £100 and ordered to pay £45 cost by Goole Magistrates for fishing without a valid licence. Henderson was also ordered a 12 month fishing ban.


Luton legend Bernard Edwards has died at the age of 92. Bunny as he was affectionally called was known as the organizer of the Grand Union Canal Saturday opens. A member of Luton A/C since 1955 will be sadly missed.


A super fishery with a potential 100 peg venue is now open. Boddington Resevoir near Banbury Oxford.is a major boost to the British waterways canal system. The 65 acre venue has been stocked with 50,000 roach, tench, perch and small carp to 1lb. Day tickets are available on the bank. Telephone 01923 208717 for directions and more info.


This week over a 10,000 skimmer bream are being introduced to Sand Water Park, Lanelli near Swansea South Wales. The venue for Britains multi million pound Centre of Excellence.


Former treasurer of Gloucester disabled A/C Simon Read admitted the theft of £3,500 intended for the clubs annual fishing trip. Simon age 42 was sentenced for twelve months by Cheltenham Magistrates court.


A British angler has caught one of the biggest ever recorded Great White Shark whilst on a dream holiday in South Africa. Bob Thurgood from Peterbourgh, Cambs battled with the great white for over 90 mins. The weight was estimated by using a formular table. The fish was tagged and released unharmed.


Two Midland anglers have both been found guilty for using forged fishing licences. Lee Garbett and Eric Bowen from West Bromwich both pleaded guilty of fishing without a licence on Bowlding Pool near Bridgnorth. With a total fine £500 each for forged licences and a further £50 each for fishing without a licence.


A massive stocking programme on the Leeds-Liverpool canal will be reinforced this month with the introduction of thousands of skimmer bream. A total of 45,000 roach have been introduced into 23 miles of Wigan and District stretch of the North West waterway.


Britain's bait and tackle shop owners are up in arms this week over a new directive from the EC that the traditional Imperial pint of maggots has been replaced by the litre. this means an end to decades of an angling tradition and any tackle shop failing to do so could expect a £2,000 fine landing on their door step.


The shock news that the National Centre of Angling Excellence that was planned for Holme Pierrepiont Nottingham has been scrapped, due to the cash shortage of the National Federation of England finances. The news comes a week after the Welsh Venue plan was accepted


It has been unveiled this week that a £27.5 million development fund from the millennium commission with the view to open in March next year a 2,500 acre site for angling. Which will boast 6 lakes. The venue will be based at Llanelli near Swansea South Wales.


We are contacting all major angling associations and federations as well as selected government and environmental organisations to announce the availability of a complete solution to the recurring problem of snagged fishing line. You are invited to visit http://www.safewater.zygoweb.com for a full demonstration of The Anglers Line Cutter, and an explanation of the benefits it brings to the angling commuinity.


FREE rod licences for all beginners will feature in a complete overhaul of the funding for coarse and game fishing in England. Also under discussion is the freezing or potential reduction of the current licence price with Environment Agency funding replaced by a levy on water abstractors and polluters. The proposals are part of the review of the salmon and Freshwater Fisheries law governing angling, which is due to be published by the government early in the New Year.

74lb CARP

Britain's biggest ever Carp has died just days after being netted at an undisclosed East Anglian Fishery. The huge carp was taken out of her environment when it was discovered the fish was in poor health. The fish suffering from (osmo-regulatory) a form of water absorbent meant that the fish absorbed water into its body that swelled the fish out of all proportion.


Experts are expecting an explosion of big bass for UK anglers. New conservation measures limiting offshore netting, means that breeding stock will be saved, allowing more juvenile fish to grow to their full potential.


Prime Minister Tony Blair declared this week that angling as a sport is in safe approval by the government. The anti angling brigade who are lobbying the government have no chance as long as he is running the country he declared this week.


The professional Anglers Association has now a new web site www.paauk.com The PAA are fast becoming a recognised part of the sport of angling. Any new applications for coaching can be directed through their new web site.


A potential record crucian carp of 7lb has been rejected by EA scientist Phil Bolton as a new record. The big fish is believed to to be a hybrid, a cross between a crucian and a gold fish. The current record stands at 4lb 6oz.


Lucky angler Paul Barnfield from Trowbridge Somerset escaped certain death from a horrific electric shock from overhead Electric cables this week. Fishing on the Bristol Avon at Lacock Wilts. His pole touched the 11,000-volt pylon as he fished in the South West Winter League. After realising at the last moment he let go of his pole and he suffered only minor injuries


An angler was attacked and chased across a field when a pair of mink took revenge when Rob Jones (29) New Town disturbed their nest. Fishing the River Severn at Welshpool the black devils attacked when Rob plundered upon their lair while fishing a secluded area.


A water skier was attacked and dragged under by a massive pike this week at Langorse Lake, Wales. The pike revenge came when Darren Blake (31) a carpenter from Lichfield was slowing up on his decent. Leaving six-inch gashes along his leg.


Plans are being formulated by the EA (Environment Agency) to raid fisheries through out the UK in an attempt to remove illegal fish stocks. All non-native species will be removed and destroyed. The EA has set up a hot line hoping angler's will help in their quest. FREE CALL ON 0800 807060


The MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food) have just announced a 3/4million pound pollution campaign targeted to help fight pollution in rural areas. Farmers are to be encouraged to spread manure on farm land rather than dump it into the Rivers.


Great White Sharks have been sighted just a mile off-shore British waters. Sharks between 12ft - 15ft have been spotted swimming around the coast of Padstow Cornwall. The sharks are estimated of over 1,500lb in weight.


The British record Carp from Wraysbury res, has been landed yet again this time at 52lb. Simon Scott is the latest angler to have caught this once record carp that weighed in at 56lb 6oz in 1998.


The huge anti animal welfare organisation PETA (USA) with assets of over £40 million are launching a vicious attack against the UK fishing population. Their latest acquisition is UK T.V. advertising with ill informed Anti-angling adverts. Using Linda McCarthey (ex Beatle dead wife) to front their campaign. (See your views)


Reports of record catches made during the total eclipse are coming in from all over the Country. As fish were being fooled into thinking dusk was ascending driving fish into a feeding frenzy.

NEW MATCH RECORD (see reports)


Adrian Eves has smashed his Crucian Carp record once again with the same fish from the same location. This time the crucian has put on an extra 3oz from last season the new record is now 4lb 6oz.


According to figures just released the River Tyne (Northumbria) have shown a huge increase in salmon migration with over 3,000 fish sighted between May and July. With the declining salmon stocks nationally the Tyne is now regarded as the best Salmon River in the UK.


Devoted angler and father of two Aubrey Aldridge (39) died instantly when a bolt of lightning hit his fishing rod when fishing his local fishery, Reydon Suffolk. His two sons watched in horror as Aubrey was struck during a thunderstorm.


British Waterways are planning to change one of the country's best small fish fishery into a carp bagging water. The 25 acre Lake near Shirley Birmingham will be netted this year and re-stocked with over £160,000 of common and mirror carp. The BW are hoping to create a record-breaking fishery similar to their other water Drayton Reservoir.


The controversial stretch of the Great Ouse that holds the current British Barbel record is closed until further notice. Due to a couple of 15lb barbel deaths caused by low water and reduced oxygen levels.


The cormorant ravaged water-way of Stockton Reservoir Rugby (Midlands) have finished a huge restocking program with over £66,000 of fish replaced by the plague of fish eating birds. Match bookings can be placed with British water on 01827 252048


The Angling World of journalist is this week mourning the death of Ken Sutton (87) Ken who was born in Sheffield 1911 was one of the founders of Angling Times in 1953.


The second largest British conger eel ever landed on rod and reel was caught this week by Shaun Tromans (28) Gloucester. Shaun was fishing from the charter boat Scorpion based in Plymouth. Fishing a south-east Plymouth wreck the eight foot Monster weighing in at 115lb took 25 minutes to land.


The wake from a giant ferry is being blamed for the death of an angler. Keen boat angler John Silbley (47) from Colchester Essex was swept into the sea after a 15ft high wave knocked him of a friends boat while fishing off Harwich. His body has yet to be recovered.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food are cracking down on illegal fish stocks. Foreign imports such as catfish, Carp, zander, grass carp, and bitterling have been imported illegally and any fishery with these fish without the health certificates will be heavily fined a spokesman said from the Government.


A seven-foot snake is terrorising anglers on a popular Welsh river. Police have issued a warning to fishermen not to approach the live snake that has been dumped into the waterway on the river Tawe Swansea.


The Environment Agency has this week proposed a £1 rise in the cost of fishing licences for year 2000. Taking the cost up to £19 for a coarse licence. The proposal has come after the Government have announced a £1.5 million slash in grant aid for the year 2001. This brings the total increase of 20% within six years.


Anglers had to run for cover this week as Britain's weather went out of control with rare twisters sweeping the country, anglers were caught between lightning and wind tunnels. A Meteorological spokesman said, "We have a few twister's recorded each year But this was the worst in over 100 years".

12% Licence Increase

News has just filtered through of a proposed massive 12% increase on the cost of a rod licence next year, the increase will rise from £16 to £18 and game anglers also face a further£5 increase in their sport. This increase will net a further £2.5 million, of which will go into the Central Govenment fund, instead of the much needed EA fishery hands.

The proposals were made by the EA and given to the Midlands Regional Fishery advisory Committee, of was which approved by a huge majority. However their appear's to be opposition against the proposed increase which has yet to go forward to the Severn Consultative Committee.


Anglers Nationwide are now celebrating with the government decision to curb water abstraction, especially those rivers affected by low water tables.

The proposed measure which have been announced by enviroment minister Meacheal Meacher, include the complete removal of legal immunity that some farmers and land owners enjoy.

For the first time in history, angling clubs can claim damages for any loss incured if their fisheries dry up which in some cases have a devistating affect.

Up until now the practice of water removal from rivers by farmers and land owners for irrigation reasons have been legal, despite leaving many of the country's top rivers dangerously low.

But from the 1st January in year 2000 those found removing water without authorisation will be liable for prosecution. The proposed measures at the Government's water summit last summer, are part of the biggest shake-up in abstracting licensing since it was set up in 1965.


Summertime fishing used to be a time of long hot sunny days, with fish basking
in the shadows, and the feeling of "its good to be alive"

Alas the season of 98 will be remembered as the season of being confronted with wind, rain and cold weather. Some may say that all this rain is good for the rivers lakes and ponds, however the weather has a lot to answer for. With less and less anglers taking to their favourite swims which has a knock on affect within the tackle trade.

Meanwhile this month we have reports of fine catches by some individuals, who brave the conditions, who says anglers are a breed apart. (SEE COARSE FISHING SECTION)



Victoria Beale has been appointed head of legal affairs for the A.C.A. (Anglers Conservation Association) Victoria who has spent the last four years as a litigation officer for one of London top law firms, Freshfields. She has made the decision to “jump ship” joining the other side, instead of representing the polluters she will now join forces with the A.C.A. To fight them. She admits that being on the other side, has given her, the knowledge to hurt the big industrial giants when ever they pollute our rivers. Cost and compensation will be her main objective, while leaving the A.C.A. To concentrate on matters. This is a giant step for the A.C.A. As before they would have to use outside lawyers, this was a costly affair, and outside solicitors would have other cases to maintain. Victoria says “Now being part of a team and something I believe in I can dedicate myself solely to the position”. With over fifty backlogs of cases on her desk and more arriving daily, the task ahead seems daunting yet, she says “All polluters face a dark future ahead”. The three main cases she is will start to fight is the civil prosection against Ford motor company, for discharging detergent into a South Wales river, the loss of 50,000 trout and salmon on a Northern game river, after fertilizer was released into it, and a claim for damages for fishing clubs against I.C.I. After the industrial giant was fined just £8,000 by the courts for killing 22 tons of fish in the Trent & Merseyside canal.



only £8 yearly subscription

Address for further details

A.C.A. Shelford dairy, Shelford Hill, Aldermasteron, Reading, Berks. RG7 4NB. Tel; 0118 971 4770



Angling watchdog the EA has published a new magazine especially for the Anglian region. The Envornment Agency 16 page "Angle" magazine will include both local and national items, featuring on the aftermath of the Easter floods and the impact of drought in the last year.

Funding for the one off title has come from the National Licence, and the magazine will be available, FREE from your local EA office, and major tackle dealers in the region.


During a recent Water survey into the state of the the Nations massive sewer network, it was found to contain a number of Salmon and Sea trout, lost through their homeward bound of migration.

It is belived that these fish entered via the outflow pipes situated along the nations river banks during flooding, these fish have been given little hope of survival, due to the poor condition of our sewer water.


The Environment Agency is facing a backlash over its proposed Spring Salmon fishing ban, which was hoped to help the diminishing stocks. Tourist and fishery chiefs are are up in arms and say that their trade would throw people out of work, whilst threatening the future of some fisheries.

Expert believe that until the practice of coastal sea netting is banned, their will always be a decline in river stocks.Fishery experts say that millions of pounds will be lost in revenue if the spring ban go's ahead.


The National Federation of Anglers President, Ken Ball took centre stage at the British Waterways HQ recent meeting, blasting the BW for trying to dissociate itself from anglers. However the NFA were assured that BW are doing all they can by listening to anglers views. Hoping to develope a new stratagy which would also involve looking into issues such as powerlines, insurance, cyclist, spread of zander, and water channel dimensions, as well as close season rulings.

Cormorant Cull down in Numbers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, are holding an annual general meeting with the country's enviroment and fishery chiefs, to reveal the number of cormorants shot under licence between September 1997 and April 1998.

It is beleived that figues will show that fewer birds than the Law officially permits have been shot, due to the lack of licence applications received.


Angling can look forward to an extra £1 million thanks to a boost in Licence sales. The EA say that the money in addition to routine expenditure on fisheries in England and Wales have benifited from an increase in licence sales.

The cash will help in the regenaration of rivers, lakes, and ponds as well as improving fishing in urban areas. Disabled anglers will also benifit with platforms being constructed along their waterways. Youngsters will also benifit with future projects.



Angling can look forward to an extra £1 million thanks to a boost in Licence sales. The EA say that the money in addition to routine expenditure on fisheries in England and Wales have benifited from an increase in licence sales.

The cash will help in the regenaration of rivers, lakes, and ponds as well as improving fishing in urban areas. Disabled anglers will also benifit with platforms being constructed along their waterways. Youngsters will also benifit with future projects.




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