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Anglers-News  working with Fishing Guide Wales

Welcome to Clive Branson's Angling News - keeping you in touch with angling -Updated daily
World Angling Champion Clive Branson,
bringing you up-to date NEWS-VIEWS-TIPS-VENUE GUIDE and much more.

Angling Fishing news
To my weekly Angling News, updated website, run and edited by myself,
Clive Branson (former World Champion!) An invaluable source of information.
For anglers worldwide I offer my own tips and products, as well an introduction to
fishing and information on the World Match Championships over the years


Hi from Clive Branson and welcome to Anglers-News Co Uk

During my angling career, which has now spanned over 50 years (see My Story), I have witnessed many developments and much innovation. Billed as the worlds first professional angler, I introduced an innovatory approach to teaching videos and imported new concepts from abroad; high-tech fishing lines, wagglers and stick float on winders, new groundbait secrets and methods, pole float designs, just to mention a few. Throughout my career, innovation has been the key; I was an early pioneer in developing on-line information for anglers (see this archive for my first introduction). This angling web site was one of the first in the UK, established in 1997. The internet is now a crucial tool for anglers, benefiting us all well into the future; 

I hope you enjoy My ANGLERS-NEWS pages which are full of NEWS, VIEWS, TIPS and INFORMATION Up-Dated almost on a regular bases, and please gleam as much useful information as you want and email me your Views, Reports, Pictures and other interesting stories.

Also If you have a web site please link back to me using

Ebooks are becoming more popular as the internet expands. People are finding that with an Ebook you can find a book to read online and within minutes can be reading that Ebook.
So many paper books are becoming available in Ebook form such as novels, instruction manuals, nonfiction stories and biographies. Such a luxury, to be able to browse a library of Ebooks and find a good book from any location. A person
can now buy an Ebook and not need a book shelf to store it. Some analysts are predicting the end of libraries with real paper books as we know them please visit my
eBook series

See Trailer here

Social Media: With Social Media pages now replacing conventional website's such as this one I have also followed the trend. Social media pages such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter are available to eveyone and also allows instant communication with like minded people. I would like to invite you to subscribe to my Social Media pages which you will find in the left hand side of this page. Under Links.....

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